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Not only is PulpFest lauded for its excellent programming, it is also known for its very substantial dealers’ room.

Beginning on Thursday, July 27, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry will be home to thousands of collectible pulp magazines and digests, vintage paperbacks, first edition hardcovers and series books, original art, B-movies and serials, collectible comic books, and more.

Who are we expecting at PulpFest 2017? For the next two days, we’ll be profiling some of our dealers, telling you a little bit about each of them to help you know them . . .

Dr. Fu Manchu was “…the yellow peril incarnate in one man…” and WILLIAM PATRICK MAYNARD is the author of the first authorized Fu Manchu thrillers in nearly thirty years. He will be selling and signing copies of THE TERROR OF FU MANCHU and THE DESTINY OF FU MANCHU. His son, MICHAEL MAYNARD, is also a writer. He will be selling copies of TALES OF METROPOLIS. Mike will also be appearing in this year’s “New Pulp” panel on Saturday afternoon, July 29.

Leading Philip José Farmer publisher METEOR HOUSE will be releasing its newest titles at PulpFest 2017.  Pick up your copies of Heidi Ruby Miller’s Two Hawks Adventure, MAN OF WAR; John H. Watson’s THE ADVENTURE OF THE FALLING STONE, edited by Win Scott Eckert; and THE BEST OF FARMERPHILE, reprinting material from “The Magazine of Philip José Farmer.” We’ll be announcing when the annual Meteor House book-signing party will take place during our regular dealers’ room hours. MICHAEL CROTEAU will also be selling items from Philip José Farmer’s estate and works by attendees of FarmerCon, returning to PulpFest for its seventh straight year.

Please welcome TED MILLER, one of the many new dealers who have registered for this year’s PulpFest. A book collector for over fifty years, Ted will be selling books by Philip José Farmer and other works of science fiction.

ED HULSE will debut several new books from MURANIA PRESS at PulpFest 2017. One is the second volume of  BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER PRESENTS. The book is entitled THE PENNY-A-WORD BRIGADE: PULP FICTIONEERS EXPLAIN THEIR CRAFT. The others are new entries in the “Classic Pulp Reprints” series: George Bronson-Howard’s THE RETURN OF YORKE NORROY and Francis Lynde’s TYPHOSIS TAKES A HAND. Both originally appeared in the pages of Street & Smith’s THE POPULAR MAGAZINE. Ed will also, most likely, be selling his usual smattering of pulp magazines and other related materials.

PETE LUTZ of the NARADA RADIO COMPANY — who will be presenting several audiodramas and readings at this year’s convention — will be selling Pulp-Pourri Theatre merchandise, such as posters from past episodes and promotional posters for next-year’s line-up. There will also be materials from other audio shows, brought to you by the members of our PulpFest Pulp-Pourri Theatre group.

PHIL NELSON is from Waverly, Ohio. He will be bringing an assortment of ADVENTUREARGOSY, and Girasol Collectables pulp replicas. This very personable dealer will also have vintage paperbacks, comic books, and other collectibles. He’s a fan of NORTH-WEST STORIES and detective fiction.

BARBARA FISTER-LILTZ & BILL HUNT have been field agents for JERRY OHLINGER’S MOVIE MATERIALS for about forty years. Ohlinger’s — located in New York City — has one of the world’s largest collections of movie posters and stills, both vintage and current. Barbara & Bill will be bringing a fine selection of film magazines, men’s adventure magazines, hardcover and paperback books, comic books, film posters, and DVD’s to PulpFest. Please welcome them back to PulpFest! 

A well-respected old-time radio and pop culture historian, MARTIN GRAMS of OTR PUBLISHING also carries a large selection of classic DVDs, along with books and magazines. He’ll have copies of his many award-winning books for sale – THE SHADOW: THE HISTORY AND MYSTERY OF THE RADIO PROGRAM, INNER SANCTUM MYSTERIES, THE GREEN HORNET: A HISTORY OF RADIO, MOTION PICTURES, COMICS AND TELEVISION, THE TWILIGHT ZONE: UNLOCKING THE DOOR TO A TELEVISION CLASSIC and much more.

The director of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry, SHAUN PERKINS is also a Perry Mason and vintage crime fiction enthusiast. She creates unique buttons and blank journals from pulp art and also sells her original books, detective stories in verse. To learn more about Shaun’s books, please visit the website of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry.

A resident of Virginia, CRAIG POOLE has been attending pulp conventions for years. He will have several pieces of vintage original cover art, representing a mix of genres, but with science fiction the main focus. He will have paperback cover art and, perhaps, a few digest or pulp cover paintings.

Virginia’s CURT PHILLIPS brings his PULP ERA BOOKSELLERS to PulpFest for the first time. Long involved in both science fiction and pulp fandom, and a founding member and former Official Editor of PEAPS, Curt will be offering pulps, digests, and vintage paperbacks at his table. He’ll have material drawn from the Andy Porter collection and from the legendary collection of author Ted White, who served as PulpFest‘s Guest of Honor in 2016. Ted was one of the most respected editors of both AMAZING STORIES and FANTASTIC, two long-lived fiction magazines of the twentieth century. Curt’s stock will include near complete runs of DOC SAVAGE, THE SHADOW, and many other hero, detective, and SF pulps.

R & B ENTERPRISES has been in the popular culture business for over twenty-five years. Located in Danbury, Connecticut, ROBIN & BRENDAN FAULKNER will be selling a wide selection of pulps, vintage magazines, movie and television classics, paperbacks, digests, and related material at this year’s PulpFest. They’re be returning to the convention after a six-year absence. Please visit their website to learn more about what they have to offer.

GARYN and VIRGINIA ROBERTS from northern Wisconsin will be offering a variety of pulp-related publications. They’ll have a few boxes of what they describe as “really good stuff.” They hope to offer a number of Robert Bloch rarities for sale. Garyn is the winner of our 2013 Munsey Award and will be presenting “100 Years with the Author of Psycho: Robert Bloch” on Friday evening, July 28.

A full-time proprietor of an antique toy shop by day and a mystery mavin by night, JOSEPH SAINE returns to PulpFest after a few years’ absence. Hailing from northwest Ohio, among Joe’s treasures will be a variety of pulps, Big Little Books, quality paperbacks, and over fifty radio premiums and some early character badges. A professional auctioneer, Joe is one of the leading dealers of antique toys and toy soldiers in the Midwest.

If you are a dealer or collector who would like to sell at PulpFest, please click the “Register for 2017” button just below the banner at the top of our home page. You can also email convention chairperson Jack Cullers at jack@pulpfest.com for further information about selling at the convention.

If you still need to book a room at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry — just north of Pennsylvania’s “Steel City,” please call 1-800-222-8733. Be sure to mention PulpFest in order to receive any convention special deals that may still be available.

We’ll be profiling more of our PulpFest 2017 dealers on Friday. Please visit the site tomorrow.

(The final portion of our thematic trilogy involves the “psychos of the pulps.” Perhaps the most famous fictional “psycho” of them all is Norman Bates, the insane killer portrayed by Anthony Perkins in PSYCHO. This classic film — directed by Alfred Hitchcock — was based on a 1959 novel written by Robert Bloch. The author, born on April 5, 1917, got his start as a writing professional in the pulps.

Like Bloch’s PSYCHO, the pulps were a breeding ground for madness. On a monthly basis, mad scientists, crazed hunchbacks, and foul cultists would threaten beautiful women with bodily injury and “fates worse than death” in the pages of weird menace magazines such as TERROR TALES — including its March 1940 number with cover art by Rudolph Zirm —  and HORROR STORIES. Over in the hero pulps, New York City’s population would be decimated by one madman after another in the pages of THE SPIDER. America’s Secret Service Ace, Jimmy Christopher, would save America from tyrant after tyrant in OPERATOR #5. The Shadow would battle Shiwan Khan and Benedict Stark, while Doc Savage had his hands full with John Sunlight.

Meteor House will be releasing three new books at PulpFest 2017, including Heidi Ruby Miller’s Two Hawks Adventure, MAN OF WAR, continuing the adventures of Philip José Farmer’s Native American pilot Roger Two Hawks. The cover art is by Mark Wheatley.

The Shadow, appeared in 326 issues of his own pulp magazine and became the hero of a long-running radio program, broadcast from 1937 through 1954. The cover art for Martin Grams’ history of THE SHADOW radio program is a re-working of George Rozen’s cover to the July 15, 1934 issue of the pulp magazine, illustrating “Chain of Death.”)

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