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Copies of THE PULPSTER #26 — the annual PulpFest program book — are available for purchase through Mike Chomko, Books, one of the leading purveyors of pulp-related publications in the field.

Hardboiled and dangerous, the latest issue of the convention’s award-winning magazine is tied to the themes of PulpFest 2017 — hardboiled dicks, dangerous dames and a few psychos.

Authors and pulp historians Ron Goulart and Bill Pronzini each write about those dangerous dames. Goulart’s piece looks at the few female detectives from the pulps, while Pronzini examines the women authors whose fiction could be found in the rough-edged pages of the detective pulps.

Longtime pulp aficionados Walker Martin and Monte Herridge tackle the hardboiled dicks with two pieces on DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY, a pulp that was launched by Frank A. Munsey with its September 1924 number. It ran for 28 years and 929 issues.

As for the psychos angle, how about author Robert Bloch? He’s best known these days for writing the 1959 novel on which Alfred Hitchcock based his classic movie, PSYCHO. But before that, Bloch got his professional writing start in the pulp magazines. His first sale was made to WEIRD TALES, naturally. Professor Garyn Roberts profiles Bloch, and looks at the novel PSYCHO.

Tony Davis, editor emeritus of THE PULPSTER, writes about horror author and poet Mary Elizabeth Counselman, whom he corresponded with during the late 1970s and early ’80s.

In addition to articles about the pulps and their creators, THE PULPSTER will also feature an article by Curt Phillips offering tips on preserving your collection of the aging pulpwood magazines, while Douglas Dra discusses how paperbacks kept the pulps alive during the 1960s and 1970s.

Rounding out the issue, are columns by editor Lampkin, publisher Michael Chomko, and “Final Chapters,” in which editor emeritus Davis remembers those of the pulp community who have recently passed away.

If you’d like to order a copy of THE PULPSTER #26, please write to Mike Chomko — who also serves as the marketing and programming director for PulpFest — at or 2217 W. Fairview St., Allentown, PA 18104-6542. The cost of the issue is $13, postage paid in the United States. Buyers from outside the United States should inquire about shipping charges, prior to placing an order.

Back issues of THE PULPSTER are also available through Mike Chomko, BooksA limited number of copies of THE PULPSTER #5, 6, 23, and 25 are available. All other issues of THE PULPSTER are out of print. Issues 5 & 6 are $8 each, postage paid. All others are $13 each, postage paid. Reduced postage is available on orders for multiple books. These prices are good only in the United States. Buyers from outside the United States should inquire about shipping charges, prior to placing an order.

Mike will accept payments made via check or money order or through Paypal. Please write to him at or 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA 18104-6542 for further instructions.

For questions about submissions to THE PULPSTER, please write to Bill Lampkin at For any questions about advertising in THE PULPSTER, please write to Mike Chomko at

To learn more about THE PULPSTER, please visit THE PULPSTER ONLINE at

(The cover art for the 2017 PULPSTER was painted by Norman Saunders for the July 1949 number of BLACK MASK. The painting appears courtesy of his son, pulp art historian David Saunders. A limited edition poster of the painting is available in the “gift shop” at the Norman Saunders website,

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