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Not only is PulpFest lauded for its excellent programming, it is also known for its very substantial dealers’ room.

Beginning on Thursday, July 26, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry will be home to thousands of collectible pulp magazines and digests, vintage paperbacks, first edition hardcovers and series books, original art, B-movies and serials, collectible comic books, and more.

Who are we expecting at PulpFest 2018? For the next four days, we’ll be profiling our dealers, telling you a little bit about each of them to help you know them . . .

RAY WALSH of the CURIOUS BOOK SHOP has been selling a broad array of paper collectibles – pulps, paperbacks, original artwork, collectible hardcovers, vintage comic books, and more — for nearly fifty years. Out of East Lansing, Michigan, Ray has been selling at PulpFest — and Pulpcon before it — for decades. We appreciate his strong support and heartily recommend the convention he sponsors — Classicon — held twice each year in Lansing, Michigan. In addition to his regular stock, Ray will have a great collection of Golden and Silver Age comic books  at this year’s PulpFest. He’ll have CAPTAIN MARVEL, CAPTAIN MARVEL, JR., and DC hero titles, plus Disney books, funny animal comics, and a number of unusual titles.

Working in the antiquarian book trade since the late fifties, LLOYD CURREY is one of the leading specialists in popular fiction from the earliest times to the present. A member of the Antiquarian Booksellers of America, Inc., Lloyd operates a full-time, mail order antiquarian bookstore based in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. As L. W. CURREY, INC, he specializes in literary first editions, with an emphasis on popular fiction, including science fiction, fantasy, supernatural and horror, utopian literature, and mystery and detective fiction. At PulpFest 2018, Lloyd will be offering pulps and first editions.

A new and used book store that also sells pulps and comic books, DARK STAR BOOKS is located about an hour from Columbus, in picturesque Yellow Springs, Ohio. A longtime PulpFest dealer, GARY DIEDRIECH will be representing Dark Star at our 2018 convention. He will be offering a wide range of material including pulps, digests, Big Little Books, Golden and Silver Age comic books, and collectible hardcovers and paperbacks.

DEARLY DEPARTED BOOKS of Alliance, Ohio is a brick & mortar shop open by chance or appointment. It primarily sells via the Internet. Established in 1978 by SCOTT and LINDA EDWARDS, this loyal PulpFest dealer offers a large stock of mystery, science fiction, horror, fantasy, vintage paperbacks, first editions, pulp magazines, and related ephemera. This year, they’ll be selling pulps, paperbacks, hardbound first editions, Big Little Books, and a selection of the late Gordon Huber’s collection of Chelsea House books in dust jackets. Dearly Departed Books will also have for sale a notebook that contains fourteen cover proofs and 160 slides — all by Ralph DeSoto with a letter of authentication — that once belonged to Fred Cook.

BOB DEIS and WYATT DOYLE are the editors and publishers of THE MEN’S ADVENTURE LIBRARY book series. It collects classic stories and artwork from men’s adventure magazines magazines published in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. They’ll be selling copies of their books, published by New Texture. For more information, please visit Bob’s Men’s Adventure Magazines blog at MensPulpMags.com and New Texture’s website, NewTexture.com. Bob and Wyatt will also be discussing The Men’s Adventure Magazines and the Art of War on Friday evening at PulpFest 2018.

Founded in 1977 and located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this will be DREAMHAVENBOOKS fourth PulpFestGREG KETTER specializes in new and used science fiction, fantasy, and horror, as well as books, magazines, posters, toys, and other materials related to the film industry. Greg has been selling books and pulps for over forty years. We look forward to having Dreamhaven return to our dealers’ room.

Find author WIN SCOTT ECKERT at the Meteor House table. He’ll be selling the Pat Wildman novel, THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE (cowritten with Philip José Farmer). Win will also have various other books featuring his tales of popular characters such as Zorro, The Avenger, The Phantom, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, Honey West, T.H.E. Cat, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Hareton Ironcastle, Captain Midnight, The Green Ghost, Sexton Blake, The Domino Lady, Doc Ardan, and Sherlock HolmesFind him online at winscotteckert.com or on Twitter @woldnewton.

DOUG & DEB ELLIS, two of the founders of the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, will be offering a wide selection of general fiction, science-fiction, Burroughs, and other pulps as well as original art and other collectibles at this year’s PulpFest. They’ll also have copies of THE ART OF THE PULPS, a book that Doug edited with Ed Hulse and the late Robert Weinberg. It was published in 2017 by IDW.

Please welcome FARMERFAN — the all-new fanzine of the next generation of Wold Newtonians — to this year’s PulpFest and FarmerCon 100JASON SCOTT AIKENSEAN LEE LEVIN, and WILLIAM H. EMMONS will have copies of their inaugural fanzine celebrating the centennial of Science Fiction Grandmaster Philip José Farmer’s birth.  They’ll also be selling Doc Savage and other vintage paperbacks to support a literacy program in Emmons’ native Kentucky.

ROBIN and BRENDAN FAULKNER have been in the popular culture business for over twenty-five years. Located in Danbury, Connecticut, R & B ENTERPRISES will be selling a wide selection of pulps, vintage magazines, movie and television classics, paperbacks, digests, and related material at this year’s PulpFest. Please visit their website to learn more about what they have to offer.

JIM BEARD & JOHN BRUENING of FLINCH BOOKSpublishers of “in-your-face pulp-style adventure fiction,” will be on hand with their newest prose anthology, QUEST FOR THE SPACE GODS: THE CHRONICLES OF CONRAD VON HONIG, as well as copies of their previous anthologies: RESTLESS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF MUMMY HORROR, BIG TOP TALES: SIX NEW STORIES OF CIRCUS ADVENTURE, RESTLESS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF MUMMY HORROR and SOMETHING STRANGE IS GOING ON: NEW TALES FROM THE FLETCHER HANKS UNIVERSE. They’ll also have copies of John’s 2016 debut novel, THE MIDNIGHT GUARDIAN: HOUR OF DARKNESS to sell. Jim – who also provides regular content for Marvel.com, the official Marvel Comics website – will also be offering a wide selection of his own fiction work, including publications from Airship 27, Pro Se Productions, and self-published tomes. Be sure to attend the special spotlight Flinch Books panel on Saturday to hear John and Jim talk about their adventures in self-publishing, their creation of all things Flinch, and their great love for Pulp in general.

Stop by and visit with BOB FLOWERS of central Illinois. His son, JAMES FLOWERS, will be along to help. This good-natured collector and dealer usually has a little bit of everything. He sells pulps, paperbacks, fanzines, and other material related to the pulps. His offerings come from a wide range of genres – hero, detective, adventure, science fiction, and western — all reasonably priced. Shop with Bob and James for good, honest deals. We think you’ll be extremely happy.

If you are a dealer or collector who would like to sell at PulpFest, please click the “Register” button just below the banner at the top of our home page. You can also email convention chairperson Jack Cullers at jack@pulpfest.com for further information about selling at the convention.

If you still need to book a room at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry — just north of Pennsylvania’s “Steel City,” please call 1-800-222-8733. Be sure to mention PulpFest in order to receive any convention special deals that may still be available.

We’ll be profiling more of our PulpFest 2018 dealers through Friday, July 13. Please visit the site tomorrow.

(Ray Walsh premiered a great collection of Golden and Silver Age comic books at this year’s Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention. “People were fighting over them,” he told us. Pictured here is a copy of the Perry Como issue of SUPERMAN. It’s #67, dated November-December 1950, with cover art by Al Plastino, just one of many collectibles available through Ray’s Curious Book Shop. Follow them on Facebook.

You might find the March 1952 issue of PLANET STORIES, featuring one dangerous-looking dame painted by Allen Anderson, in the PulpFest dealers’ room. Lloyd Currey, Dark Star Books, DreamHaven Books, and other sellers are noted for the science fiction collectibles that they offer. Come to Cranberry DoubleTree outside of Pittsburgh from July 26 – 29 and find out for yourself.

Ever since the first PulpFest in 2009, the convention has attracted new and old writers of fiction and non-fiction to its fold. Witness the annual “New Fictioneers” readings at each and every PulpFest since its beginning, and such writers as John Bruening, Christopher Paul Carey, Peter McGarvey, Sara Light-Waller, and Jim Beard. The latter is also co-editor — with John C. Bruening — of QUEST FOR THE SPACE GODS: THE CHRONICLES OF CONRAD VON HONIG, published by Flinch Books, with cover art by Mark Maddox and cover design and logo by Maggie Ryel.)

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