Will You Join the New Fictioneers?

Feb 13, 2017 by

New Pulp. To the uninitiated, it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it’s a genre that excels at PulpFest. While we’re a convention dedicated to the magazines published before many of us were born, we’re happy to save space for the authors and publishers who are recreating and reinventing the field.

PulpFest co-founder Mike Chomko once wrote, “If you’re a writer who has been inspired by the work of yarn-spinners such as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Raymond Chandler, Walt Coburn, Carroll John Daly, Lester Dent, Frederick Faust, Walter B. Gibson, Edmond Hamilton, Robert E. Howard, H. Bedford-Jones, Henry Kuttner, H. P. Lovecraft, Norvell Page, Clark Ashton Smith, Jack Williamson, and countless others who churned out commercial fiction for the pulp market, PulpFest is looking for you!”

Since 2009, PulpFest has offered the mic to some of New Pulp’s best writers. On Friday and Saturday afternoons we’re hosting readings by some of today’s stars of New Pulp. We call these sessions the New Fictioneers, and we’re making a call for writers to join the ranks of this elite club. If you write genre fiction -– detective, fantasy, pulp hero, science fiction, western, etc –- you could join the New Fictioneers.

As a New Pulp author, we’d like you spend a few minutes reading from a recent work and then take questions from the audience. At press time we have slots available on both Friday, July 28 and Saturday July 29, 2017.

If you’re a writer of contemporary genre fiction who would like to participate in our 2017 festivities, please send an email to me, PulpFest committee member Chuck Welch, at chuck@pulpfest.com. Give me an idea of the theme of your work, where you’ve been published, and whether you’re available Friday, Saturday, or both.

In order to prepare the convention schedule, we need your application submitted by April 15th, 2017. We only have a limited number of slots available, so remember first come is first-served. Send your email as soon as possible.

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PulpFest 2016 and the New Fictioneers

Jun 22, 2016 by

It’s called new pulp – stories by modern writers who recreate the style of fiction that appeared in the pulp magazines of yore. Back then, the authors who labored for the rough paper industry liked to call themselves scribes, word-slingers, penny-a-worders, and, perhaps the most favored term of all, fictioneers. Join PulpFest as we celebrate today’s fictioneers — the authors writing the new pulp fiction! On Friday and Saturday, we’ll feature authors reading from their works and answering a few questions from the audience.

Reading from their works on Friday, July 22*

dayworldDanny Adams is the author of the early medieval historical novel LEST CAMELOT FALL (Musa, 2014) and coauthor, again with Philip José Farmer, of the short science fiction novel THE CITY BEYOND PLAY (PS Publishing, 2007/2012). Adams has also been published in ABYSS & APEX, ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION, IDEOMANCER, MYTHIC DELIRIUM, NOT ONE OF US, PARADOX, SPACE & TIME, STAR*LINE, STRANGE HORIZONS, and THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSE FARMÉR. He also reviews science fiction and fantasy books for PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.

Adams will read from his new novel, A HOLE IN WEDNESDAY. Phillip José Farmer began this prequel DAYWORLD novel, but did not complete it. Set some time before the events in the original trilogy, the novel nonetheless has direct links to the acclaimed series, exploring the developing world and antecedent characters who vigorously challenge the life in which they find themselves trapped.

bloodChristopher Paul Carey will be reading from BLOOD OF ANCIENT OPAR, the fifth installment in Philip José Farmer’s Khokarsa/Ancient Opar series, which makes its worldwide debut this year at PulpFest. A sequel to Carey’s HADON, KING OF OPAR and a pivotal installment in the series, BLOOD OF ANCIENT OPAR spins an epic tale of royal intrigue and revolution in Opar, the famed city of gold and jewels that made its first appearance in the pulps over a hundred years ago.

Chris is the coauthor with Philip José Farmer of THE SONG OF KWASIN, and the author of EXILES OF KHO, HADON, KING OF OPAR, and BLOOD OF ANCIENT OPAR. His short fiction may be found in numerous anthologies. He is a senior editor at Paizo, working on the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game as well as the Pathfinder Tales novel line, and has edited numerous collections, anthologies, and novels. He holds a master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.

foggReading from METEOR HOUSE CHAPBOOK NO. 1, Win Scott Eckert pulls back the veil on the previously untold tale of Mr. Phileas Fogg’s fateful encounter with the legendary masked rider of the plains and his faithful companion — an episode suppressed (with good reason!) by M. Verne himself from the final publication of his classic AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS.

Eckert is the coauthor with Philip José Farmer of the Pat Wildman novel THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE, and the coauthor with Farmer of the forthcoming fourth novel in Farmer’s “Secrets of the Nine” series, THE MONSTER ON HOLD, furthering the titanic saga of Doc Caliban’s ongoing battle against the dark manipulators who hold the secret to eternal life, the Nine. His tales of Zorro, The Avenger, The Phantom, The Lone Ranger, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Hareton Ironcastle, Captain Midnight, The Green Ghost, Sexton Blake, The Domino Lady, Doc Ardan, and Sherlock Holmes can be found in the pages of various character-themed anthologies from Moonstone, or in anthologies such asTHE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSE FARMÉR (Meteor House), TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN (Black Coat Press), and TALES OF THE WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE (Titan Books).

MEBorn and raised in the heart of the heartland — Columbus, Ohio  — John Hegenberger is the author of several upcoming series: Stan Wade (LAPI in 1959), Eliot Cross (Columbus-based PI in 1988), Tripleye (the first PI agency on Mars), and Ace Hart (western gambler from Wyoming to Arizona in 1877). He’s the father of three, a tennis enthusiast, collector of silent films and OTR, a hiker, Francophile, B.A. Comparative Lit., pop culture author, ex-Navy, ex-marketing exec at Exxon, AT&T, and IBM, happily married for 45 years and counting.

John is an active Member of SFWA, PWA and ITW. He’s sold numerous stories to GALAXY, AMAZING, and various SF anthologies. Hegenberger will be reading one of his stories, “Cicatrix,” originally published in AMAZING back in 1990. It’s the premiere story to feature TRIPLEYE, the first private eye agency on Mars. A collection of these tales will be published later this year by Black Opal Books.

Reading from his work on Saturday, July 23rd*

duanespurlockDuane Spurlock writes adventure and fantasy-oriented action tales. His most recent publication was last year’s AIRSHIP HUNTERS, with co-writer Jim Beard.

He has also worked as an illustrator, including Brian Showers’ THE BLEEDING HORSE AND OTHER GHOST STORIES which won the Children of the Night Award from the Dracula Society. Spurlock says, “Genre fiction and popular media have narrative strengths that speak to readers in powerful ways, no matter what era the stories are set in, no matter what the tropes or expectations may be for a given genre or type of story.”

* Exact times for the authors will be announced at PulpFest 2016

We look forward to seeing you at “Summer’s AMAZING Pulp Con” from July 21 through July 24 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency and the city’s spacious convention center in the exciting Arena District of Columbus, Ohio. Please join us as we celebrate pulp fiction and art both old and new. As of June 21, the Hyatt Regency Columbus has a small number of rooms available for July 21 through July 23. Please see our post “There Are Rooms at the Hyatt!

At www.columbusconventions.com/thearea.php, you’ll find a list of area hotels courtesy of the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Alternately, you can search for a room at tripadvisor or a similar website to find a hotel near the convention. Thanks so much to everyone who has reserved a room at our host hotel. By staying at the Hyatt Regency, you’ve helped to ensure the convention’s success.

(Throughout history, fictioneers have not been the only pulpsters. The pulp magazines of yore and the new pulp fiction of today have enjoyed the talents of many fine artists. The new Meteor House novel, A HOLE IN WEDNESDAY features cover art by Keith Howell. To learn more about this talented artist, please visit his website Intelligent Designs or the Keith Howell Facebook page.

Christopher Paul Carey’s novel BLOOD OF ANCIENT OPAR is graced with cover art by Bob Eggleton, who also painted a handful of covers for AMAZING STORIES during the TSR years. A commercial artist, Eggleton began working in the science fiction field in 1983. An extremely versatile artist, he has worked in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and as a landscape artist. His illustrations have been featured on magazines, books, posters, trading cards, jigsaw puzzles, and more. He’s also worked as a conceptual artist in the film and amusement park industries. Eggleton has won the Hugo Award for Best Artist eight times.)

New PulpFest.com Theme for 2016

Feb 7, 2016 by

PulpFest‘s advertising director Bill Lampkin and I have “sitesmithed” a new theme for 2016. (Yes, my other jobs made us a month late.)

A lot of the work was to make the site responsive. No matter what device you use to view PulpFest.com, we believe you’ll easily find what you need.

A quick view from top to bottom:

• Our new header will easily swap out. You’ll see the same header here and on our Facebook page.

• The top menu will include those links most important to general members and dealers for PulpFest 2016. You can register, book a room, see our schedule, and get more PulpFest 2016 info here.

• On the Left SideBar you’ll find links to all 2016 posts by topic and links to our latest 12 posts.

• In the Center Column will be a Featured Slider with the four articles that we’d like to highlight.

• Just below the slider are short synopses of our most recent eight articles. (Pro Tip: The >> below the eight posts will load the next eight posts.)

• In the Right SideBar we’ll again feature useful links for the 2016 PulpFest member and/or dealer, links to the histories of PulpFest and a general history of Pulp, followed by some other Important Links.

• Further down the Right Sidebar we’ll have links to our social media, site sponsors, affiliated conventions, and a note on how to advertise in THE PULPSTER.

PulpFest marketing and programming director Mike Chomko has also updated all of our pages for the 2016 convention. You’ll find information about the Hyatt Regency Columbus, our 2016 programming schedule, the convention’s program book, and much more. And of course, there’s an all new registration page where you can join the convention and pay for your membership via our Paypal page. All you have to do is click the “Register for 2016” button, just below the PulpFest header or “Register for PulpFest 2016” quick link in the Right SideBar. We hope to see you in Columbus, Ohio for PulpFest 2016, beginning on Thursday, July 21st and running through Sunday, July 24th! It promises to be an AMAZING pulp con!

Be sure to bookmark pulpfest.com for the latest information about PulpFest 2016.

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2016 PulpFest Dealer Information

Dec 31, 2015 by

PulpFest_2016_back-160106PulpFest 2016 will have over 100 six-foot tables in its 21,600-square-foot dealers’ room. Wall tables will cost $80 and island tables will be $70. All dealers will also be required to purchase regular four-day memberships for themselves and for any helpers accompanying them to PulpFest. Wall tables and placement within the dealers’ room will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The floor-to-ceiling windows at one end of the dealers’ room will limit the availability of wall tables. Please time your registration for the convention accordingly.

For those dealers who will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, PulpFest is pleased to offer a third table free for every two tables that you rent, a tremendous savings. That’s buy two and get one free to thank you for helping to defray the convention’s substantial costs by staying at the host hotel.

There will be no height restrictions on any tables. Displays will be allowed on tables as long as they can stand safely. Please use common sense and courtesy to design your displays. All members registering as dealers must have material for sale at their tables. If you have any special needs — electrical outlets, a desire to be positioned near certain dealers, unique display requirements, and so on — please let us know when you register. All registered dealers will be profiled in a series of posts that will run on the PulpFest website during the last week of June. We ask that you provide us with a description of the materials that you are planning to sell at the convention and any other information — website address, store location, and so on — that will help our members learn about you.

Although the focus of PulpFest 2016 will be pulp magazines and related materials, vintage paperbacks, digests, men’s adventure and true crime magazines, first edition hardcovers, series books, dime novels, original art, Big Little Books, B-movies and serials and related collectibles, old-time-radio shows, and Golden and Silver Age comic books can also be sold. Please remember that PulpFest is not a comic book convention. Sexually explicit material, including PLAYBOY, PENTHOUSE, and OUI, will not be allowed.

Dealer set-up will take place on Thursday, July 21st from 4 – 11 PM. Selling to early-bird shoppers will be allowed on July 21st, beginning at 6 PM and running until 9 PM. The dealers’ room will be open to dealers on Friday, July 22nd, beginning at 9 AM. It will open to all PulpFest members beginning at 10 AM. All dealers are expected to be set up on Thursday evening by 11 PM and be open for business on Friday, July 22nd, at 10 AM. If you are not able to comply, please discuss your needs with convention chairperson Jack Cullers by emailing him at jack@pulpfest.com or writing him at the address noted below.

Please click here to download our 2016 dealer registration form. Our annual dealer newsletter will be available at a later date. To pay for your dealer membership, please see the instructions below.

Payment Instructions

The deadline for advance registrations is Monday, 07/18/16 at 10 PM. To pay for your registration, please send your check or money order to David J. Cullers, 1272 Cheatham Way, Bellbrook, OH 45305 or use our Paypal Order page. If you pay via Paypal, you’ll also have to register via email, providing all of the information required on our registration forms to Jack Cullers at jack@pulpfest.com.

For our dealers’ room hours, please click on the “2016 Schedule” link located on our home page.

For information about the Hyatt Regency Columbus, please visit our Hotel page. You’ll also find instructions on how you can book a room on that page.

Questions about member or dealer registrations should be directed to Jack Cullers by emailing jack@pulpfest.com or writing to the mailing address listed above.

2015 Website Table of Contents

Mar 15, 2015 by

mag2015Here are the links to everything you need to learn about — and attend — PulpFest 2015.

What is PulpFest?

How Do I Register?

How do I Book a Room at the Convention Hotel?

What is the Expected Presentation Schedule?

What are the Frequently Asked Questions about PulpFest?

Those are the fast links to pages jam-packed with information. In addition, PulpFest committee member Mike Chomko writes occasional columns on all sorts of information. Here are links by column subject:

PulpFest 2015 General News

2015 Programming

PulpFest Awards for 2015

And a trio of categories Mike hasn’t had a chance to write about yet:

2015 Dealers

the 2015 Auction

the 2015 Pulpster (Our program book.)

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