The Munsey Award is annually presented to a deserving individual who has given of himself or herself for the betterment of the pulp community, be it through disseminating knowledge about the pulps, publishing pulp reprints, new pulp fiction, a website, or a periodical about the pulps, or similar efforts to preserve and foster interest in the pulp magazines we all love and enjoy. Nicknamed the Munsey, this prestigious prize bears the name of the man who published the first all-fiction pulp magazine in October 1896, Frank A. Munsey. It was with The Argosy that the pulp magazine was born.

David Saunders, the son of legendary pulp artist Norman Saunders, has created a sensational work of art to serve as The Munsey Award. David’s painting is a refreshing homage to classic pulp art that honors the entire pulp community and their common love of the purple prose of the bloody pulps. Dan Zimmer of the Illustrated Press and publisher of Illustration Magazine has produced a deluxe, limited edition of thirty-six numbered and signed prints, one copy of which is offered annually as the Munsey at PulpFest. The PulpFest Organizing Committee is indebted to both David and Dan for their generous support of our convention.

A New York artist whose work can be found in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, The New Museum and at other museums and in public buildings throughout the United States and other countries, David Saunders has taught at Yale, Oberlin and many other colleges worldwide, including schools in Paris, London and Tokyo. He is an expert on pulp art and has spoken on the subject at conferences and been the guest of honor at various pulp conventions. David has also written numerous articles on pulp artists for Illustration Magazine and is the author of Norman Saunders, a biography and appreciation of his father’s work, and other books. For further information on David and a look at his work, please visit The David Saunders Museum.

The Rusty Hevelin Service Award is named after James “Rusty” Hevelin. This pillar of the pulp community passed away on December 27, 2011. An active science fiction fan since the thirties, Rusty was long the guiding light behind Pulpcon, the convention that helped to keep the memory of the pulps alive for many years. This task has now been entrusted to PulpFest.

The Rusty Hevelin Service Award, initiated in 2012, is designed to recognize those individuals within the pulp community who have worked long and hard for the pulp community with little thought for individual recognition. It is meant to reward especially good works and is thus reserved for only those individuals who are most deserving. A framed print of David Saunder’s Munsey painting likewise serves as The Rusty.

Nominations for either the Munsey and the Rusty Award can be made by anyone. Except for previous winners of the Lamont, Munsey, or Rusty Award, any member of the general pulp community can be nominated for either of these awards. The winner of either award will be selected from these nominees by a panel of judges consisting of all of the living Lamont, Munsey, and Rusty Award winners. Please visit the Past Award Winners page of our website to learn about the previous winners of the Lamont, Munsey, and Rusty Awards, including Garyn Roberts, the winner of the 2013 Munsey. There were no nominees for the Rusty Award in 2013.

In order to nominate an individual for either the Munsey or the Rusty Award, please send the person’s name and a brief paragraph describing why you feel he or she should be so honored to Mike Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA 18104-6542 or to The deadline for nominations is May 31st of each year. The award or awards will be presented on Saturday evening, August 9th, following the convention’s annual business meeting.

For questions about the Munsey Award or the Rusty Hevelin Service Award or to nominate someone for one of these prestigious awards, please write to Mike Chomko at 2217 W. Fairview St., Allentown, PA 18104-6542 or via email at