Aug. 15-18, 2019, in Pittsburgh, PA!

Happy New Year from PulpFest!

Dec 31, 2018 by

Your PulpFest organizing committee — Jack and Sally Cullers, Mike Chomko, Bill Lampkin, and Barry Traylor — would like to wish everyone a happy and...

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Season’s Greetings from PulpFest

Dec 24, 2018 by

The PulpFest organizing committee — Jack and Sally Cullers, Mike Chomko, Bill Lampkin, and Barry Traylor — would like to wish everyone a...

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120 Years of Hubert Rogers

Dec 17, 2018 by

Hubert Rogers was born December 21, 1898. Best known as ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION’s primary cover artist from 1939 to 1953, Rogers’...

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Catch “Children of the Pulps”...

Dec 12, 2018 by

PulpFest has started a series on Instagram called “Children of the Pulps.” We’re discussing the profound effect of the rough-paper...

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Help Choose the 2019 Munsey Award

Dec 10, 2018 by

Every year, PulpFest recognizes those who work to keep the pulps alive for this and future generations with the Munsey Award. A service award, it...

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PulpFest is Back on Instagram!

Dec 4, 2018 by

After 2+ years, PulpFest is back on Instagram. You can follow us at Right now, we’re still working out...

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Children of the Pulps and Other Stories

Dec 3, 2018 by

About PulpFest!   So what’s PulpFest? Is it one of those things where people walk around wearing costumes? Is it a comic book convention?...

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Register Now for PulpFest 2019

Nov 26, 2018 by

PulpFest is accepting advance registrations for our 2019 convention, August 15 – 18. Register now and beat the rush. You’ll save money and get...

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