PulpFest PayPal

If you want to pay for your registration through PayPal, you can use the handy buttons below.

If you want to attend PulpFest and plan to stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry during the convention, simply click on the “Full Weekend Membership with DoubleTree Stay” button for $35. You don’t have to worry about signing up for early-bird privileges as they are provided free of charge. It’s our way to thank you for supporting the convention by staying at our host hotel. That’s a $30 savings with proof of your DoubleTree stay!

If you don’t plan to stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry, please click the $40 button. This will get you a full weekend membership. If you’d also like to shop from 4 PM to 8 PM on Thursday, August 15, you’ll have to click the $70 button for your full weekend membership and the Thursday early-bird privilege.

One-day and supporting memberships can also be paid for by clicking the buttons below. Dealers can likewise pay for their tables using the appropriate buttons. Sunday only memberships will only be available at the door.

If you are a dealer who plans to set up at the convention, remember that a full weekend membership is required for you and for all of your helpers at PulpFest. That’s $35 for those of you staying at the DoubleTree and $40 for those staying elsewhere.

After deciding on your membership level, click the appropriate PayPal button. A PayPal shopping cart window will open, listing your order. If you want to add additional items to your order, click the “continue shopping” button. When you are finished with your order, click “proceed to checkout.” Next, you’ll be asked to log into your PayPal account. After logging in, review your order, and if it is correct, click the “pay now” button. Your payment will be deposited into the PulpFest PayPal account (jassways@woh.rr.com).

Whether you use Paypal or not to register early for the convention, please send your name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address to Jack Cullers at jack@pulpfest.com or by mail at 1272 Cheatham Way, Bellbrook, OH 45305. Thanks.


Full Weekend Membership with DoubleTree Stay
Includes free early-bird privileges, a savings of $30

Full Weekend Membership without DoubleTree Stay
Sorry you’re not staying at the host hotel. Doing so helps PulpFest.
If you’d like early-bird privileges please choose the $70 combined offer below.

Full Weekend Membership & Early-Bird Privileges without DoubleTree Stay

1-Day Membership
Please specify Friday or Saturday when registering

Supporting Membership
Includes The Pulpster and good karma

Dealer Table(s) – Wall
Multi-Day Membership purchase required
For more than one table, just add to the quantity when you get to Paypal checkout

Dealer Table(s) – Island
Multi-Day Membership purchase required
For more than one table, just add to the quantity when you get to Paypal checkout

For questions about registration or about renting dealer tables, please contact PulpFest chairperson Jack Cullers at jack@pulpfest.com.

The deadline for advance registrations is 10 PM eastern time Monday, August 12, 2019. The PulpFest Paypal page will not be available after that time.