Book Signings

Aug 11, 2015 by

Williamson Weird TalesAlthough the PulpFest dealers’ room will be overflowing with old and rare magazines, books, and other paper collectibles, it will also feature a good many contemporary authors and artists. Although Saturday will be the primary day for signings, the creators who attend “Summer’s Great Pulp Con” are an outgoing and friendly lot. Most likely, you’ll be able to approach them at any time during the convention and get their “John” or “Joan Hancock.”

Of course there will be our author guest-of-honor, Chet Williamson, and our guest artist, Jon Arfstrom, but also be on the lookout for Jason Scott Aiken, a new fantasy and horror writer; new pulp author Jim Beard, co-writer of the forthcoming AIRSHIP HUNTERS; Christopher Paul Carey, author of HADON, KING OF OPAR; acclaimed cover artist Rob Davis; Win Scott Eckert, co-author of THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE and other works; Doug Ellis, author of UNCOVERED and other titles;  Dick and Norma Enos, authors of the Rick Steele and Lara Destiny series; Ron Fortier, a professional writer for nearly three decades; Jeff Fournier, author of new and exotic tales of Sinbad; Martin Grams, author of THE SHADOW: THE HISTORY AND MYSTERY OF THE RADIO PROGRAM and other popular culture studies; John Gunnison, editor of HIGH ADVENTURE and many other titles; John D. Haefele, author of the landmark study, A LOOK BEHIND THE DERLETH MYTHOS: ORIGINS OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS; new pulp writer Rich Harvey; prolific mystery and thriller writer John Hegenberger; Don Herron, editor of the groundbreaking Robert E. Howard study, THE DARK BARBARIAN; Ed Hulse, editor of BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER and author of a variety of books on the pulps and old movies; author of the recently released PULP MACABRE: THE ART OF LEE BROWN COYE, Mike Hunchback; comic-book writer, editor, artist and critic Tony Isabella; new pulp author and historian Rick Lai;  Ren McKinzie, artist on the indy comic books, HALF BREED and THE SAMARITAN; John McMahan, co-editor of HARD-BOILED CHRISTMAS STORIES and other titles; Nathan Madison, author of the Eisner-nominated ANTI-FOREIGN IMAGERY IN AMERICAN PULPS AND COMICS; co-authors William Patrick Maynard and Alexandra Martukovich will be on hand to sign copies of FURTHER ENCOUNTERS OF SHERLOCK HOLMESWill Murray, the author of the new adventures of Doc Savage and Tarzan; Michelle Nolan, author of LOVE ON THE RACKS: A HISTORY OF AMERICAN ROMANCE COMICS and BALL TALES: A STUDY OF BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, AND FOOTBALL FICTION OF THE 1930S THROUGH 1960S; Michael Panush, author of the Stein and Candle Detective Agency series; Audrey Parente, author of PULP NOIR: A CLUTTERED ROMANCEGaryn G. Roberts, editor of THE PRENTICE HALL ANTHOLOGY OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY and numerous pulp collections and anthologies; David Saunders, biographer of countless American pulp artists and author of WALTER BAUMHOFER, NORMAN SAUNDERS, and H. J. WARD; author of the recently-released THE QUEST OF FRANKENSTEIN, Frank Schildiner; new pulp author Duane Spurlock, co-writer of the forthcoming AIRSHIP HUNTERS; Anthony Tollin, co-editor of THE SHADOW SCRAPBOOK and an authority on comics, pulps, and old-time radio; Scott Urban, author of weird fiction and poetry and former editor of the small press, horror poetry ‘zine FRISSON: DISCONCERTING VERSE; and John Wooley, co-editor of THRILLING DETECTIVE HEROES, Alley Oop scribe, Dan Turner screenwriter, and more.

Hopefully, we haven’t left anyone off the list. If we have, please write to Mike Chomko at and he’ll be glad to add you to the post.

(In the late 1980s, George Scithers & Darrell Schweitzer once again resurrected “The Unique Magazine” and WEIRD TALES was born anew. The duo won a World Fantasy Award for the magazine in 1992 and put together a number of special issues, including a “Special Chet Williamson” issue in the fall of 1990. The front cover art was by Frank Kelly Freas and originally ran on the November 1950 issue of “The Unique Magazine.” Join PulpFest 2015 for a celebration of H. P. Lovecraft and WEIRD TALES, taking place in Columbus, Ohio from August 13th through August 16th.)