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Bring on the fireworks! It’s time to celebrate our nation’s freedom. What better time for PulpFest 2018 to offer thanks for all of the donations we’ve received? They’re all meant for our members who will receive them free of charge. The only requirement is to attend “Summer’s AMAZING Pulp Con” at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry from July 26 through July 29!

In alphabetical order, we’d like to thank Dustin Wright and Chaosium Inc., the publisher of CALL OF CTHULHU and other role-playing games. Chaosium has donated a selection of fiction books and game supplements to be used as door prizes during PulpFest 2018.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. for their generous donation of several hardbound and softcover copies of the new Christopher Paul Carey novel, SWORDS AGAINST THE MOON MENInspired by the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Christopher will be reading from his book on Friday, July 27. PulpFest will also be hosting an art exhibition showcasing artist Mark Wheatley’s illustrations for the novel.

The Burroughs organization has also donated four hardbound Tarzan novels from their “Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs series.” These will also be awarded as door prizes during PulpFest 2018.

Gordon Van Gelder and THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, the award-winning magazine that is celebrating its 69th anniversary in 2018, will again be offering copies of back issues to our members. Gordon’s magazine has been supporting PulpFest — and Pulpcon before it — for many years. We’re extremely grateful for the long-standing support of F&SF.

Mike Chomko, Books — a longtime dealer at PulpFest, Pulpcon, and other pulp conventions — has contributed a number of new pulp volumes to be offered as prizes to attendees of this year’s New Fictioneers readings.

Tom Brown and Radio Archives — the leading producer of old-time radio collections and pulp audiobooks — for sending six complete audiobooks that will be awarded as door prizes for our members attending selected evening presentations on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Including THE BEST OF ADVENTURE, G-8 AND HIS BATTLES ACES, and Will Murray’s WILD ADVENTURES OF DOC SAVAGE, six lucky attendees will be heading home with some new listening material for the trip.

PulpFest sponsor,, as well as Meteor House and FarmerCon for helping to sponsor our hospitality suite. Our host hotel has provided a room off their lobby where our members can socialize after a hearty day of collecting in the dealers’ room and partaking in our evening programming.

You are welcome to join in on the fun. You’ll be able to enjoy drinks and snacks with your comrades in collecting and talk about the characters and creators that you love.

We’d also like to thank the many bookstores and comic shops throughout the Pittsburgh area, as well as the many book fairs and conventions throughout the United States that have helped to promote “Summer’s AMAZING Pulp Con” all through the past year. You’ve done a FANTASTIC job and we couldn’t have done it without you! Special thanks to Jim Beard, Martin Grams, Steve Hager, Todd McDevitt of New Dimension Comics, and Rick Thomas for their help promoting us at various conventions and elsewhere.

If you are not from the Pittsburgh area and have yet to book your room for this year’s PulpFest, today is the last day to receive the special convention rate. You can book your room directly through the PulpFest website. Below our banner and along the right hand side of our home page, you’ll find links that read “Book a Room.” Click on one of these links and you’ll be redirected to a secure site where you can book a room at the DoubleTree. You can also reserve a room by calling 1-800-222-8733. Please be sure to mention PulpFest in order to receive the special rate. Thanks so much to everyone who has reserved a room at our host hotel. By staying at the DoubleTree, you’ve helped to ensure the convention’s success.

(From the late thirties through the early forties, August Schomburg — the younger brother of Alex Schomburg — painted many covers for Magazine Publishers’ FLYING ACES, including the August 1942 number. August’s older brother is well known for drawing over 500 comic book covers for CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE HUMAN TORCH, SUB-MARINER, and other Golden Age titles.

During July and August 1942, just months after the United States entered World War II, magazines nationwide featured the American flag on their covers. Adopting the slogan “United We Stand,” some five hundred publications waved the stars and stripes to promote national unity, rally support for the war, and celebrate Independence Day.

For magazine publishers, displaying the flag was a way to prove their loyalty and value to the war effort. For the U. S. government, the campaign was an opportunity to sell bonds and boost morale. The magazines brought home a message of patriotism and ideals worth fighting for.)

Copies of THE PULPSTER #25 Are Available

Aug 22, 2016 by

Cover of THE PULPSTER, No. 25A limited number of copies of THE PULPSTER #25 — the annual PulpFest program book — are available for purchase through Mike Chomko, Books, one of the leading purveyors of pulp-related publications in the field.

The centerpiece of this year’s PULPSTER is “90 years of AMAZING STORIES,” a collection of essays on the history and legacy of the first all-science-fiction pulp magazine written by many of its editors, including founder Hugo Gernsback, Howard Browne, Joseph Wrzos (Joe Ross), Barry N. Malzberg, PulpFest 2016 Guest of Honor Ted White, Elinor Mavor, and Patrick L. Price.

Dr. Art Sippo looks at the AMAZING STORIES of Philip José Farmer, who had four tales published in the digest version of the magazine during the 1960s and ’70s. FarmerCon XI takes place alongside PulpFest.

David W. Smith explains how planning ahead can ensure that your pulp collecting efforts won’t be squandered after you’re gone.

J. Randolph Cox, the 2014 Munsey Award winner, celebrates the 100th anniversary of DETECTIVE STORY MAGAZINE; while THE PULPSTER‘s editor, Bill Lampkin, marks 80 years since THE WHISPERER and THE SKIPPER took Street & Smith’s hero pulps in a new direction.

David M. Earle examines HARLEM STORIES, Wallace Thurman, and African-American writers in the pulp magazines. Alongside, Michael Bittner’s short story, “No Greater Love,” from HARLEM STORIES appears in its entirety.

Walker Martin hits the lonesome trail with an article about collecting the long-running pulp WESTERN STORY MAGAZINE.

In the Departments section, rounding out the issue, are columns by Editor William Lampkin, Publisher Michael Chomko, and Final Chapters, in which Tony Davis remembers those of the pulp community who have recently passed away.

If you’d like to order a copy of THE PULPSTER #25, please write to Mike Chomko — who also serves as the marketing and programming director for PulpFest — at or 2217 W. Fairview St., Allentown, PA 18104-6542. The cost of the issue is $13, postage paid in the United States. Buyers from outside the United States should inquire about shipping charges, prior to placing an order.

Back issues of THE PULPSTER are also available through Mike Chomko, BooksA limited number of copies of THE PULPSTER #5, 6, and 22 are available for $13 each, postage paid. Copies of THE PULPSTER #23 are available for $10 each, postage paid. All other issues of THE PULPSTER are out of print. Reduced postage is available on orders for multiple books. These prices are good only in the United States. Buyers from outside the United States should inquire about shipping charges, prior to placing an order.

Mike will accept payments made via check or money order or through Paypal. Please write to him at or 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA 18104-6542 for further instructions.

For questions about submissions to THE PULPSTER, please write to Bill Lampkin at For any questions about advertising in THE PULPSTER, please write to Mike Chomko at To learn more about THE PULPSTER, please visit THE PULPSTER ONLINE at

(The cover art for this year’s PULPSTER was painted by H. W. McCauley for the August 1942 number of AMAZING STORIES. What actually ran on the 1942 AMAZING was a modified version of the painting. PULPSTER editor William Lampkin discusses the alterations to McCauley’s painting in his editorial column in the magazine. Order your copy today!)

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