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The Pulpster 23 Final CoverCopies of the latest issue of The Pulpster are now available for purchase from Mike Chomko, Books. A longstanding tradition cherished by attendees of summer pulp cons, The Pulpster #23 was released at PulpFest 2014. The new number focuses on the 75th anniversary of the blossoming of science fiction’s Golden Age, when fantastic fiction “grew up.” Additionally, the magazine also examines the so-called “shudder pulps,” magazines such as Terror Tales and Spicy Mystery Stories.

Leading off the issue is “Science Fiction and the Pulps,” the unabridged version of Mike Chomko‘s “History of Magazine Science Fiction,” serialized on the PulpFest home page during Spring 2014. Munsey Award winner Garyn G. Roberts is on board with an article on Futuria Fantasia, the fanzine that Ray Bradbury debuted at the first World Science Fiction ConventionDon Herron, the creator of San Francisco’s Dashiell Hammett Tour, the longest-running literary tour in the USA, takes a look at Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, Fritz Leiber’s classic characters that made their first appearance in the August 1939 UnknownDwayne Olson contributes several letters written by Donald Wandrei concerning the death of his friend, Hannes Bok, born one-hundred years ago on July 2, 1914. Additionally, Argentine pulp writer Alfredo Julio Grassi is profiled by Christian Lawson.

Weird-menace fiction came into its own in 1934 and The Pulpster looks back to those days with “Pulp Horrors of the Dirty Thirties,” written by Don Hutchison, author of The Great Pulp Heroes and many other works. Archaeologist  Jeffrey Shanks is also on hand with a look at “Zombies from the Pulps,” an overview of the undead writings of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Manly Wade Wellman, Henry Kuttner, and other great pulpsters.

Filling out the issue is editor Bill Lampkin’s editorial, Tony Davis’ “Final Chapters,” and a tribute to the late Frank M. Robinson, written by John Gunnison of Adventure House.

The Pulpster #23 can be purchased for $13, postage paid in the United States. Buyers outside the United States will pay more.  Please write to Mike Chomko at or 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA 18104-6542 for further instructions.


The Pulpster is designed and edited by William Lampkin. A freelance writer/editor and publication designer, Bill has spent much of his work life in the newspaper field, much like Rambler Murphy (but without the cool nickname and crime-solving). Like many from his generation, Bill discovered the pulps through paperback reprints of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, The Shadow, Doc Savage, and The Spider. He bought his first actual pulp in the seventies. Bill runs The Pulp.Net, which he created in 1996, and also writes the Yellowed Perils blog. A resident of Florida, he has designed The Pulpster since 2008.

Bill invites everyone to submit articles and features related to the pulps and pulp history for use in the magazine. Pieces can be any length, from a paragraph to several pages, and on any topic relating to pulps and pulp collecting, people involved in the industry, and pulp characters or series. New material is preferred, or reprinted features of limited distribution that our readers may not have seen. Where possible, be sure to include non-returnable prints of covers and/or illustrations to accompany your submission. Digital submissions are preferred. Unfortunately, The Pulpster cannot pay you, but you will receive a free copy of the issue in which your contribution appears. While The Pulpster welcomes all contributions, please note that we may not be able to accommodate each and every submission.

If you have an interesting, pulp-related article or idea (preferably never-before-published in print or online), Bill Lampkin would love to hear from you. Please send your contributions to William Lampkin, PO Box 12741, Tallahassee, FL 32317. If possible, please include a compact disc of your article, or better yet, e-mail it to The submission deadline for our 24th issue is April 30, 2015.


The Pulpster accepts advertisements. Rates are as follows: color back cover–$180; inside color covers–$140; inside color full page–$100; inside black and white full page–$80; half-page–$40; quarter page–$30. Please inquire about space availability before sending payment. All ad space is sold on a first come, first served basis, with payment due immediately upon reserving a particular space. If your payment is not received in a timely fashion, your space will not be reserved. Please be advised that the cover spaces sell very quickly. The deadline to reserve advertising space for our next issue is June 1, 2015. Inquiries about availability and payments for advertising are to be sent to Pulpster publisher Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA 18104-6542 or to

Your advertising copy should be 300 pixels per inch and can be transmitted electronically, preferably in PDF or TIFF format, to William Lampkin at Hard copy ads can be sent to William Lampkin, PO Box 12741, Tallahassee, FL 32317, only after payment is made to Mike Chomko. The deadline for submitting your advertisements to The Pulpster #24 is June 15, 2015. Please feel free to send material as early as possible to ease production of our magazine.

Below are the dimensions for the various-sized ads:

1/4-pg horizontal: 7 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches deep
1/4-pg vertical: 3 1/2 inches wide by 5 inches deep

1/2-page horizontal: 7 1/2 inches wide x 5 inches deep
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Full-page or cover: 7 1/2 inches wide x 10 inches deep

Your advertising copy must be submitted by June 15, 2015.


Please be sure to support our advertisers. Their advertisements help to defray the cost of producing our annual program book. Also, thank you to LLS Graphics of Allentown, PA for their excellent production of all the issues of The Pulpster since 2009.

Back Issues

Our 2013 issue, The Pulpster #22, celebrates the 80th anniversary of the pulp hero boom of 1933, the 90th anniversary of Weird Talesand the 100th anniversary of Fu Manchu. Leading off the magazine is a short article explaining how the August 1931 issue of “The Unique Magazine” sent a killer to the electric chair; next, PulpFest organizer Mike Chomko and Doc Savage author Will Murray look at the pulp heroes of 1933; William Preston, discusses his “Old Man” stories, inspired by Lester Dent’s Man of Bronze, while Murray returns with “On Writing Skull Island;” Echoes publisher and author Tom Johnson explores Johnston McCulley’s “Rollicking Rogue” series, a precursor to the great pulp heroes; the writer authorized to continue the Fu Manchu series, William Patrick Maynard, details his longterm relationship with Rohmer’s devil doctor and Nathan Vernon Madison examines early yellow peril fiction found in dime novels and story papers; the longtime Street & Smith editor, Daisy Bacon, is profiled by Laurie Powers and the early science-fiction pioneer, Homer Eon Flint, is discussed by his granddaughter, Vella Munn; Monte Herridge explores Richard Sales’ Daffy Dill stories, a long-running series that appeared in Detective Fiction Weekly while Battered Silicon publisher and Sherlock Holmes expert, George Vanderburgh, offers a glimpse at the personal papers of H. P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith; closing out the issue is Pulpster editor emeritus Tony Davis’ “Final Chapters.”

With 52 pages, The Pulpster #22 is a real steal at $13, which includes first class postage for buyers in the United States. Buyers outside the United States will pay more. Write to Mike Chomko at and order your copy today.

Copies of The Pulpster #5, 6, 17,  20, and 22 are also available for $13, postage paid, from Mike Chomko, Books. Copies of The Pulpster #9 are available for $18, postage paid. Copies of The Pulpster #4, 15, and 21 are available for $23, postage paid. Copies of The Pulpster Mini-Edition, published in 2005 and featuring a history of the Lamont Award, are available for $8, postage paid. All other issues of The Pulpsteare out of print. Reduced postage is available on orders of multiple books. Please note that quantities of most issues are limited as reflected by the various prices. These prices are good only in the United States. Buyers outside the United States, please inquire about rates as postage costs are quite substantial. Mike will accept payments made via check or money order or through Paypal. Please write to him at or 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA 18104-6542 for further instructions.

For questions about submissions to The Pulpster, please write to Bill Lampkin at For any questions about advertising, back issues, or ordering issue #23 of The Pulpster, please write to Mike Chomko at