Weird Tales Author Auction at PulpFest 2014

Jul 10, 2014 by

Weird Tales 53-01Another highlight of the PulpFest 2014 Saturday Night Auction, taking place on August 9 at 9:30 PM, will be a selection of books, fanzines, manuscripts, and ephemera from the collection of Everil Worrell, author of nineteen stories for Weird Tales. Starting with “The Bird in Space,” a short novel that copped the cover spot for the September 1926 issue, Worrell began a long association with “The Unique Magazine.” One of her last published stories, “Call Not Their Names,” appeared in the March 1954 number, six months before the end of the magazine’s original run.

In addition to Weird Tales, Worrell also wrote short fiction for Macfadden’s Ghost Stories and Ray Palmer’s Mystic Magazine and poetry for The Overland Monthly. Her stories were also reprinted in the Avon Fantasy Reader and Health-Knowledge’s Startling Mystery Stories. “The Canal,” originally published in the December 1927 Weird Tales, was adapted to television by Rod Serling’s Night GalleryWorrell was a longtime employee of the federal government, retiring on the last day of 1957 from the U. S. Department of Treasury.

PulpFest is pleased to offer twenty-five lots of collectibles from the Worrell estate,  left to  a small church in Washington, DC after the passing of the author’s only child, Eileen Murphy. St. David’s parish is excited about having PulpFest handle this portion of their former parishioner’s estate, hoping that the items will find their way into the hands of those who would appreciate them most–pulp fiction aficionados!

To take a look at the Worrell collection that PulpFest will be selling at its Saturday Night Auction, please visit the Worrell Auction page of our website, listed under the Auctions button of our Programming page. To whet your appetite, you’ll find below are a couple of the items that we’ll be offering from the Worrell collection.

Weird Tales Collector

Bradbury post card

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