Welcome Lisa Scott to PulpFest 2014

Aug 2, 2014 by

WWW 34-01-27PulpFest is very pleased to announce that Lisa Scott, the granddaughter of pulp artist Harold Winfield Scott, will be attending our 2014 convention. We’ve asked pulp art historian David Saunders to create a short presentation on Lisa’s grandfather to welcome Ms. Scott to “Summer’s Great Pulp Con!”

Join PulpFest on Thursday evening, August 7th at 9:15, for a brief profile on the life and work of H. W. Scott. Afterward, Lisa will join David Saunders onstage for a short question-and-answer session.

Harold Winfield Scott studied art with Dean Cornwell at the Pratt Institute. By 1930, he was regularly selling freelance cover paintings to such pulps as Danger Trail, Top-Notch, Complete Stories, Wild West Weekly, Star Sports, The Avenger, Doc Savage, Two-Gun Western, Quick-Trigger Western, and others. He later sold freelance work to slick magazines, such as Liberty, Colliers and Red Book. In the 1950s, his work appeared on paperback books from Dell as well as comic books.

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