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Weird Tales 30-07PulpFest 2015 will begin tomorrow. Dealer set-up will take place from 4 to 11 PM. All members will be able to register for the convention from 4 to 8 PM, right outside our dealers’ room. There will be early-bird shopping in the dealers’ room from 6 to 10 PM for loyal attendees who help the convention by staying three nights at our host hotel. The cost is $30 for those who stay elsewhere. Our full programming slate for the evening will begin at 8 PM. If you have not yet booked a room for your stay, please visit www.pulpfest.com/2015/06/16872/  and you’ll find a link to a list of hotels to choose from. The Hyatt Regency is totally booked.

Please have a safe journey to Columbus. We look forward to seeing you.

Mike Chomko, Jack Cullers, Sally Cullers, Barry Traylor, & Chuck Welch – your PulpFest Organizing Committee

(In 1927, C. C. Senf began to paint covers and draw pen and ink story illustrations for WEIRD TALES. He drew hundreds of black-and-white interior story illustrations and painted forty-five covers for “The Unique Magazine.” Just a few days before the 125th anniversary of the author’s birth, PulpFest 2015 will salute H. P. Lovecraft and WEIRD TALES, the magazine that published the bulk of his fictional work.

Although the fellow Senf depicted on the July 1930 issue of “The Unique Magazine” seems awfully happy, please remember that clothing is not optional at PulpFest 2015. After all, we are a family-oriented convention.

You’ll also have to leave your broadsword at home. Click here for map & directions to the Hyatt Regency.)

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