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The Pulpster 2016Editor and designer William Lampkin is hard at work on the next issue of THE PULPSTER, the award-winning PulpFest program book. He’ll be featuring articles on DETECTIVE STORY and WESTERN STORY MAGAZINE, two of the first pulp magazine to specialize in a certain fiction genre; African-American pulp writers; the 110th anniversary of Munsey’s RAILROAD MAN’S MAGAZINE; August Derleth, the founder of Arkham House; the pulps’ paperback legacy; and much more.

To commemorate PulpFest‘s salute to the ninetieth anniversary of AMAZING STORIES, Bill is putting together a round-robin article featuring Barry Malzberg, Elinor Mavor, Ted White, and Joseph Wrzos, editors emeritus of the first continuing science fiction magazine. He’s also hoping to line up both Kim Mohan and Patrick Price, as well as Steve Davidson, the magazine’s current editor and publisher. He’ll also have a piece on Philip José Farmer’s AMAZING stories. So expect a slam-bang issue from the esteemed editor of our highly popular program book.

In addition to the 90th anniversary of AMAZING, PulpFest 2016 will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of H. G. Wells; 120 years of THE ARGOSY, the first pulp magazine; 100 years of the genre pulp — magazines specializing in detective, romance, western, and other fiction types; eighty years of The Whisperer and The Skipper, two of the “superheroes” of the pulps; and ten years of Sanctum Books, one of today’s leading publishers of pulp fiction. And don’t forget that science fiction author and editor Ted White will be the convention’s guest of honor! With such a wide range of interests represented at the convention, the PulpFest program book will be a great place to advertise. THE PULPSTER‘s readers are serious about pulps, genre fiction, and pulp-related products. So it’s the ideal market for your advertising — whether it’s pulps, pulp reprints, “new pulp” fiction, t-shirts, science fiction, graphic novels, role-playing games, original art, websites, or anything else.

If you’d like to reserve advertising space in this year’s PULPSTER, you have until May 31 to do so. All advertising is sold on a first-come, first-served basis, with payment expected immediately upon reserving a space. Please realize that the cover spaces sell very quickly. Our rates are reasonable: color back cover – $200; inside front color cover – $140; inside back color cover – $140; inside color full page – $100; inside black-and-white full page – $80; color half-page – $70; black-and-white half-page – $40; black-and-white quarter page – $30. To inquire about space availability, please write to PulpFest marketing and programming director Mike Chomko at You can also ask Mike about print specifications of our program book. Every member of PulpFest will receive a complimentary copy of THE PULPSTER. The magazine has a circulation of 500 copies.

The deadline for submitting your advertisements to THE PULPSTER #25 is June 8, 2016. Please feel free to send material as early as possible to ease production of our magazine. Submission guidelines will be provided upon receipt of your payment. Your space is not reserved until payment is received.

Another way to advertise at PulpFest is to donate material for our giveaway tables. Over the years Chaosium, THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, Radio Archives, Stark House Press, and other organizations have donated a variety of materials that were given away free to PulpFest attendees. Your donation will be acknowledged on our website and at the convention. If you’d like to offer something for our giveaway table or something to serve as a door prize, please contact Mike Chomko at

Sponsorships are also available for our website at a cost of $100 per year. We currently have five sponsors for, Galaxy Press, Essayscribes, College Homework Help, and PureCostumes.comIf you or your organization would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities at PulpFest, please contact PulpFest marketing and programming director Mike Chomko at

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