Thank You to Everyone Who Helped with PulpFest 2016

Aug 8, 2016 by

2016 Post CardYear after year, there are countless individuals and organizations that help to make PulpFest an enjoyable experience for those who attend “Summer’s AMAZING Pulp Con. The PulpFest organizing committee would like to thank the following people and organizations for their invaluable assistance in helping to make PulpFest 2016 a tremendous success. We could not have done it without you:

Our front desk staff – Maura Childers, Samantha Childers, Aaron, Jack, and Sally Cullers; our security staff — Sam Childers and Ben Hughes; our technical staff – Chuck and J. Welch; our auction staff — Lucy Denunzio, John Gunnison, Chet Reams, and J. Barry Traylor; our panelists and presenters – Danny Adams, Christopher Paul Carey, Joseph Coluccio, Barbara Doran, Win Scott Eckert, Doug Ellis, Andy Fix, Ron Fortier, Jeff Fournier, John Hegenberger, Ed Hulse, Tony Isabella, Walker Martin, Stephen T. Miller, Laurie Powers, Garyn G. Roberts, David Saunders, Paul Spiteri, and Anthony Tollin; Renee Thomas for the cakes; and the staffs of the Hyatt Regency Columbus and Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Many thanks to our guest of honor for this year’s convention, Ted White, the editor emeritus of AMAZING STORIES and FANTASTIC, as well as Pulpmags newsgroup moderator Curt Phillips, for getting us in touch with Mr. White. Ted’s presentation to the convention was one of the highlights of PulpFest 2016.

The organizing committee would also like to thank the people who helped to create THE PULPSTER #25 – editor William Lampkin, assistant editor Peter Chomko, publisher Mike Chomko, plus contributors J. Randolph Cox, Tony Davis, David M. Earle, Melissa J. Flagstad — the daughter of Howard Browne — John Gunnison, Rog Holda, Barry N. Malzberg, Walker Martin, Elinor Mavor, Patrick L. Price, David W. Smith, Art Sippo, Anthony Tollin, Ted White, and Joseph Wrzos.  We’re also grateful to the magazine’s advertisers –, Airship 27, Black Hood Press, Dick and Norma Enos, Flinch! Books, Flying Cars and Food Pills, Heartwood Auctions, Larque Press, MantiCon, Marcon, C. E. Martin, Meteor House, Mike Chomko Books, Murania Press, Pegana Press, Pro Se Productions, The Pulp Factory, ThePulp.Net, Radio Archives, Stark House Press, and the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention.

Many thanks to Keith Culbertson, Mark Herbert, and, particularly, Rick Thomas for organizing our gaming events. Also to Victor Long and Jaime Myers from Fellowship of the White Star, Don Frick, Justin Ross, and Luke Woods from Pathfinder, and Josh Langley, Misty Long and Byron Wingate from Rogue Cthulhu for serving as game-masters during the track’s second year. Thanks as well to Chaosium for the prizes donated to the PulpFest 2016 gaming track.

Our gratitude to the nominators and Lamont Award, Munsey Award, and Rusty Hevelin Service Award winners who helped to select the winner of this year’s Munsey, Laurie Powers, and our special “retro” Lamont Award winner, David Saunders. Thanks also to Daniel Zimmer of the Illustrated Press for sponsoring our awardsCongratulations to both Laurie and David and to all of the nominees for our 2016 Munsey Award.

Again, we’d like to thank the following organizations for the books and similar items that were donated to PulpFest for distribution to our members:, Airship 27, Chaosium, Inc., Engle Publishing and THE PAPER & ADVERTISING COLLECTORS’ MARKETPLACE, Gordon Van Gelder and THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, Pro Se Productions, and Radio Archives. And many thanks to the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention for the loan of their sound system. We’d also like to thank our website sponsors,, and, Galaxy Press and

Finally, thanks to Martin Grams, Tommy Hancock, Jeff Harper, Eric Johnson, Nathan Madison, Michael Neno, Rick Thomas, Scott Williams, and the many conventions, book and paper fairs, bookstores, comic and collectible shops, web sites, magazines, newspapers, and other media outlets that helped to promote our show by distributing and displaying our advertising materials as well as the dealers, attending members and supporting members of PulpFest 2016. It was due to your encouragement and support that our convention was successful. We hope to see you all back next summer along with a good many newcomers for PulpFest 2017. Our theme will be “Hardboiled Dicks, Dangerous Dames, and a Few Psychos.” Details will be forthcoming in the months ahead. So please bookmark the PulpFest website or follow us via RSS. You’ll also be able to find information at our Facebook site, our Twitter account, and our Instagram and Tumblr sites.

If we’ve neglected anyone, please accept our apology and our gratitude. Write to and we will correct the oversight.

Your PulpFest organizing committee – Mike Chomko, Jack Cullers, Sally Cullers, William Lampkin, Barry Traylor, and Chuck Welch