The Domino Lady — Scarlet Adventuress

Jun 19, 2017 by

This year, PulpFest is trying an experiment. We’ll be offering readings between our presentations as our technical staff gets ready. One of these readings will take place on Friday, July 28, at 8:40 PM. Please join PulpFest 2017 as we welcome author, editor, and publisher Ron Fortier as he reads from “The Claws of the Cat,” a short story featuring one of the world’s first female masked crime fighters — The Domino Lady.

Following the murder of her father — an honest and tireless district attorney — debutante Ellen Patrick decides to fight evil in society. Wearing a small, dark mask and a tight and revealing evening gown, she becomes The Domino Lady. Armed with an automatic pistol and a knockout drug, she robs her victims, donating the bulk of the loot to charity and leaving her calling card: “The Domino Lady’s Compliments.”

Ron’s story originally appeared in DOMINO LADY: SEX AS A WEAPON, published in 2009 by Moonstone Books. Edited by Lori Gentile, the anthology featured nine new stories by some of the best writers of new pulp fiction.

Ron Fortier has been a professional writer for over four decades. In 2007, Ron teamed up with illustrator Rob Davis to found Airship 27 Productions and build a home for new adventures featuring long moribund pulp characters such as the Green Lama, the Masked Rider, Secret Agent X, and Fortier’s own version of Ace Periodicals’ Captain Hazzard. Airship’s books have inspired contemporary writers and artists to turn out new adventures featuring many of the characters long remembered by the pulp community. They have also served as ports of entry for new people to become involved with the world of pulps. In 2009, Ron helped develop the Pulp Factory Awards, inaugurated to support and encourage the creation of new pulp fiction and art. Ron’s own prose creation, Brother Bones, was recently optioned as a motion picture by Franklin-Husser Entertainment, an independent film production company based in Seattle.

(Published in several different editions by Moonstone Books, DOMINO LADY: SEX AS A WEAPON, features cover art by Jeff Butler, an American illustrator and comic book artist. With Mike Baron, Butler created The Badger for Capital Comics. Later, he worked for TSR, the publisher of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. He left the firm to help Ron Fortier bring The Green Hornet back to comics. Butler has also worked in the video game industry.)