Pulp-Pourri Theatre Presents “The Adventures of Mr. Fye”

Jun 9, 2017 by

Following numerous requests, live theatre returns to this year’s PulpFest. On Thursday evening, July 27, at 11 PM PulpFest welcomes the Narada Radio Company and their PULP-POURRI THEATRE to this summer’s convention. Based in Corpus Christi, PULP-POURRI THEATRE is an audio drama anthology series that has its origins in vintage pulp fiction, but presents its stories in the modern way. Pete Lutz is the company’s producer-director. You can sample their work online or via iTunes.

“The Adventures of Mr. Fye” introduces a new hero inspired by classic pulp fiction and the single character hero pulps.

In her final moments of life, an ancient Chinese mystic passes on her powers to an unsuspecting police detective named “Jinx” Duncan. After a series of strange events, Jinx realizes that his life has been forever altered. He works to control his new powers and use them to help the innocent and battle crime. To do so, he becomes Mister Fye (say it with a New York accent and you’ll get the meaning).

According to Narada’s Pete Lutz, “PULP-POURRI THEATRE embraces the thrilling world of pulp fiction from the last century. We present audio dramas with a few modern touches, such as full sound design. We bring you the most exciting stories from the finest pulp writers. We also throw in an occasional new story from a guest playwright.”

The PulpFest 2017 cast of Narada Radio Company’s PULP-POURRI THEATRE will be Austin and Barbi Beach, Ross Bernhardt, Randy Coull, Derek, Keane, and Pete Lutz, and Greg and Rhiannon McAfee. Please join them at PulpFest 2017 from Thursday evening, July 27, through Sunday afternoon, July 30, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry, just nineteen miles north of the exciting city of Pittsburgh. You can book your room directly through the PulpFest website. Just click the “Book a Room for 2017” link on our home page or call 1-800-222-8733. Be sure to mention PulpFest in order to receive the convention rate.

Start making your plans now to celebrate the “hardboiled dicks, dangerous dames, and a few psychos” at PulpFest 2017. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet “Mr. Fye” at the “pop culture center of the universe.”

(The Narada Radio Company and their PULP-POURRI THEATRE will perform Pete Lutz’s original audioplay, “The Adventures of Mr. Fye,” at PulpFest 2017. The initial performance will be on Thursday evening, July 27, at 11 PM. There will be a special repeat performance on Saturday afternoon, July 29, at 3:30 PM. The company will also be performing a Dan Turner SPICY DETECTIVE reading and a Pat Savage reading at the convention. Watch for details in our upcoming posts. A new one appears every Monday through Friday here at pulpfest.com.

The Mr. Fye poster was created by Pete Lutz, based on a Robert O. Reid cover for the March 23, 1940 issue of COLLIER’S. The magazine was probably the number two general-interest magazine in America during the thirties, forties, and fifties, behind the SATURDAY EVENING POST. COLLIER’S ceased publication in 1957.)