More Cons! ECOF, REH Days & Classicon

Apr 30, 2018 by

With about ninety days to go until PulpFest 2018, you might be getting a little bit hungry for some pulps or pulp fiction. To whet your appetite for “Summer’s Great Pulp Con,” here are three more conventions that will take place during the next two months.

The 2018 gathering of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship is planned for the weekend of May 18 – 20. Hosted by the Northwest Coast Mangani, it will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, located in Folsom, California. James Rollins, the author of more than 30 science fiction and thriller novels — including the bestselling Sigma Force series — will be the guest of honor. Also appearing will be artists Tom Yeates, Dan Parsons, and Mike Royer; authors Christopher Paul Carey and David Lemmo; legendary book and comic seller Bud Plant; and the folks from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. For additional information on the 2018 ECOF — including a schedule of events — please visit Bill and Sue-On Hillman’s ERBzine or email Don Gray at dgrayjr@sbcglobal.netYou can also reach Don by calling 916-933-8050.

This year’s Robert E. Howard Days will feature one of the mainstays of Howard Fandom — Bill Cavalier — as its guest of honor. Better known as “Indy,” Cavalier is the long-time Official Editor of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association (REHupa). A participant in the first REHupa visit to Cross Plains back in 1986, Indy was among those responsible for the establishment of the ongoing Robert E. Howard Days tradition.

The annual gathering of Two-Gun Bob’s fans is presented by Project Pride of Cross Plains and sponsored by the Robert E. Howard Foundation, with help from the members of the REHupa. The convention will celebrate members of all three of these organizations, as well as the hundreds of REH fans from all over the world. The theme will be “Celebrating REH Fans!” Visit the Howard Days home page or Facebook site to learn more about this great event. It takes place in Cross Plains, Texas — Howard’s home town — on June 8 – 9.

Classicon is one of the oldest pulp and paperback shows. Featuring 35 tables and thousands of collectible pulp magazines, paperbacks, vintage comic books, original artwork, and more, it is held in the spring and the fall in Lansing, Michigan. The next Classicon will take place on Saturday, June 9. Admission is $3. For more information, please write to the Curious Book Shop at 304 East Grand River Avenue, East Lansing, Michigan 48823, by email at, or by telephone at 517-332-0112.

Hopefully, these cons will keep you satisfied while you await PulpFest 2018 —  the destination for fans and collectors of genre fiction — both new and vintage — pop art and illustration, and much more. It will begin on Thursday, July 26, and run through Sunday, July 29.  Join us at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry, just north of Pennsylvania’s “Steel City” of Pittsburgh. The 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended the First World War and the centennial of the birth of Grand Master of Science Fiction Philip José Farmer will be the focal points of this year’s PulpFest. Our guest of honor will be award-winning author Joe Lansdale. Click our Programming button just below our home page banner to get a preview of all the great programming we’re planning for July.

To join PulpFest 2018, please click the Register button just below our home page banner. To book a room at the DoubleTree by Hilton — our host hotel — click one of the Book a Room buttons also found on our home page.

Start planning now to attend PulpFest 2018 and join hundreds of pulp and genre fiction fans at the pop culture center of the universe. You’ll have a great time, especially if you’re planning to stay at the DoubleTree! We look forward to seeing you in July.

(Tarzan is a registered trademark of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Representatives from the company will be appearing at this year’s Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship. Although Joe Jusko — the artist who painted this striking portrait of Lord Greystoke and the golden lion, Jad-bal-ja — will not be appearing at this year’s ECOF, artists Tom Yeates, Dan Parsons, and Mike Royer will all be there.)