Calling All New Fictioneers . . .

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The fictioneers of the first half of the last century did much to shape the popular culture of the 21st Century. While vintage pulp dealers and reprint-specialty publishers are the two most vital means of honoring the achievement of these indefatigable storytellers of yesteryear, PulpFest also celebrates those who carry on the tradition today. 2019 marks the tenth anniversary of PulpFest and the tenth year of New Fictioneers being given a spotlight at PulpFest to read an excerpt from their latest work and answer questions from their readers.

Whether you’re continuing the adventures of a classic pulp character or making your mark with pulp creations of your own, you should connect with your peers and share your work with an appreciative crowd. Friday and Saturday afternoons are dedicated to New Fictioneer readings and Q&A sessions. A limited number of slots are available so don’t hestitate to sign up. Send an email to PulpFest programming director, Mike Chomko at Please provide a brief autobiographical sketch, a description of your work, where you’ve been published, and whether you’re available Friday, Saturday, or either day.

In order to meet the deadline for our 2019 Program, we need your application to be submitted by February 25. Plan to attend PulpFest 2019 where we’ll highlight the many ways that pulp fiction and pulp art have inspired writers, artists, film directors, software developers, game designers, and other creators over the decades. PulpFest 2019 will take place August 15 – 18 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry.

(The photo above is courtesy of the estate of the esteemed pulp historian, Albert Tonik. It’s captioned “The Pulp Writers in 1937.” The gentleman on the left is probably Ralph R. Perry, a regular contributor to many different pulps from the mid-twenties through the early fifties. He is best remembered for his Bellow Bill Williams South Seas adventure stories. The man on the right is not known.)

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