Our PulpFest 2019 Dealers, Part One

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PulpFest is lauded for both its excellent programming and its very substantial dealers’ room.

Beginning on Thursday, August 15, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry will be home to thousands of collectible pulp magazines and digests, vintage paperbacks, first edition hardcovers and series books, original art, B-movies and serials, collectible comic books, and more.

Who are we expecting at PulpFest 2019? For the next five days, we’ll be profiling our dealers, telling you a little bit about each of them to help you know them . . .

JOHN and MAUREEN GUNNISON of ADVENTURE HOUSE will be offering their usual extensive stock of pulp magazines as well as HIGH ADVENTUREG-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES, and the many pulp replicas and collections he has published under the Adventure House banner. John will also be our lead auctioneer during this year’s auction, taking place on August 17. To learn more about Adventure House, please visit www.adventurehouse.com/.

Since 2007, AGE OF ACES BOOKS has been offering high-quality, affordably-priced reprints of classic pulp aviation stories. CHRIS and DAVID KALB have scoured hundreds of issues of titles like DARE-DEVIL ACESBATTLE BIRDSFLYING ACES, and SKY FIGHTERS to present to a modern audience the most thrilling air stories featuring the most unforgettable forgotten heroes — Captain Philip Strange, Smoke Wade, The Red Falcon, The Three Mosquitoes, and others! Crack open one of their many volumes and journey back to an AGE OF ACES! You can learn more by visiting their website at ageofaces.net.

JIM & WALTER ALBERT are brothers from Arkansas and Pennsylvania respectively. They’ve been collecting for years and selling at PulpFest since the very beginning. Stop by their tables for an excellent selection of pulps, paperbacks, hardcovers, fanzines, and much more. You’re bound to find excellent values on some terrific items from Jim and Walter. You probably won’t leave empty handed.

Chicago’s MARK ALVARADO, a longtime collector of books and pulp magazines, will once again be exhibiting at PulpFest. He’s hoping to dig out something super exciting to bring along to the con. If he finds something, you’ll be the first to know. Please stay tuned and welcome Mark back to the summertime Pulp Con!

BATTERED SILICON DISPATCH BOX is a specialty publisher based in Ontario, Canada with GEORGE VANDERBURGH at the tiller. George has released over 600 books, including a wide variety of detective fiction and Sherlock Holmes scholarship, as well as his LOST TREASURES OF THE PULPS series that reprints many highly regarded pulp classics. You can learn more about George and his dispatch box by visiting batteredbox.com/. On Friday evening, join George and Garyn Roberts for “The Game’s Afoot: Sherlock Holmes and the Pulps.”

PulpFest 2019 welcome BELT PUBLISHING to their first PulpFest. According to marketing director MARTHA BAYNE, Belt is a small, independent press founded in Cleveland in 2013 as a platform for new and influential voices from the Rust Belt and Midwest. Their Belt Revivals imprint brings back influential works — including that by pioneer female science fiction writer Clare Winger Harris — from the past to illuminate the present and inform our future.

BOLD VENTURE PRESS is a heroic little publishing company, rolling out quality editions of new and classic pulp fiction. Their scope spans many genres — mystery, science fiction, horror, western, romance and humor. Stop by their table to check out their publications and say hello to AUDREY PARENTE, an award-winning, retired newspaper reporter, and RICH HARVEY, founder of the company and one of our nominees for the 2019 Munsey Award. Rich will also be saluting “A Century of Zorro” during our evening programming on Thursday, August 15.

PulpFest 2019 welcomes MICHAEL BRENNER of BRENNER’S COLLECTABLE BOOKS to his first PulpFest. Michael specializes in science fiction and mystery books, signed first editions, vintage paperbacks, books into film, and more. He has been buying, selling and passionately collecting books for over thirty years. Michael is a member of the ABAA, ILAB, and IOBA.

THE BURROUGHS BIBLIOPHILES is a nonprofit literary society devoted to studying and promoting interest in the works, creations, and life of Edgar Rice Burroughs. The members of the organization will be represented at this year’s PulpFest by Treasurer HENRY G. FRANKE, III  — who also serves as the editor of THE BURROUGH BULLETIN and THE GRIDLEY WAVE — and GARY BUCKINGHAM. The Burroughs Bibliophiles will also be sponsoring our 2019 art show, “The Art of Edgar Rice Burroughs” near the convention’s hospitality suite. To learn more about this fine organization, please visit burroughsbibliophiles.com/.

MIKE CARBONARO — the founder of New York City’s Big Apple Comic Con — will be representing HEROES & GAMES of Columbus, Ohio at this year’s PulpFest. We’re looking forward to seeing Mike at this year’s confab.

Author CHRISTOPHER PAUL CAREY will be located near his friends from Meteor House. Now Director of Publishing at Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., he will have copies of the brand-new, first hardcover edition of TARZAN AND THE VALLEY OF GOLD by Fritz Leiber on hand, as well as his own 2018 books, SWORDS AGAINST THE MOON MEN and THE GRANDEST ADVENTURE: WRITINGS ON PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER. Christopher is the author or coauthor of several works set in Philip José Farmer’s Khokarsa series. He will also be moderating a panel on the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe on Friday and appearing as a “Contemporary Pulp: Writing Genre Fiction” panelist on Saturday.

The Fayatteville Comic Con has called GENE CARPENTER a legendary comic book dealer. As ALL AMERICAN COMICS AND COLLECTIBLES, Gene has been setting up at comic book conventions for over forty years and is one of the nicest guys around. He has no website or facebook page, but does have an incredible selection of golden age and silver age comics, high-grade pulp magazines, paperbacks, and Big Little Books. Gene comes to us from Maryland.

A dealer since 1976, NICK CERTO always manages to unearth lots of rare and desirable items. A resident of Newburgh, New York, he brings choice selections of pulps and related items — including original artwork — to the conventions where he exhibits. Be sure to stop by his table. In the meantime, please visit the Nicholas J. Certo website at AbeBooks.com.

Our 2010 Munsey Award winner, MIKE CHOMKO, will be representing Altus Press, Stark House Press, and other small publishers at PulpFest 2019. He’ll be premiering various titles from these publishers and have a selection of other materials. To learn more about the many books that he carries, please visit the Mike Chomko Books website and download a copy of his latest catalog. Mike is also the marketing and programming director for PulpFest.

If you are a dealer or collector who would like to sell at PulpFest, please click the “Register” button just below the banner at the top of our home page. You can also email convention chairperson Jack Cullers at jack@pulpfest.com for further information about selling at the convention.

If you still need to book a room at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry — just north of Pennsylvania’s “Steel City,” please call 1-800-222-8733. Be sure to mention PulpFest in order to receive any convention special deals that may still be available.

We’ll be profiling more of our PulpFest 2019 dealers through Friday, July 26. Please visit our site again tomorrow.

(Designed by PulpFest’s artistic director, William Lampkin, our PulpFest 2019 post card features the work of artist Walter Baumhofer. His painting was originally used as the cover for the March 1933 number of Street & Smith’s DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE.

Christopher Paul Carey’s SWORDS AGAINST THE MOON MEN is a sequel to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic science fantasy novels THE MOON MAID and THE MOON MEN. Published by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., it features cover art by Chris Peuler and interior illustrations by Mark Wheatley. It is volume 6 in the “Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs” series.)

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