Last Minute Dealer Changes

Aug 12, 2019 by

We’d like to announce a few dealers who have joined PulpFest 2019 during early August.

HEROINEBURGH is a comic book and live-action video series based in Pittsburgh featuring all-original characters. They’ll be sharing a table at this year’s PulpFest with another local comic book creator, Marvin Wynn. The comics and video episodes of HEROINEBURGH are influenced by Silver Age and Bronze Age comics, nineties bad-girl aesthetics, and 50 years of TV shows and movies starring powerful and beautiful superheroines. It’s action, adventure, drama, romance, and plenty of camp, all in the finest spandex and capes. Check out their website to learn more about the courageous champions and vengeful villainesses of HEROINEBURGH. And please welcome this local creator to PulpFest.

Please welcome MARVIN WYNN— co-creator of THE EDGE — to his first PulpFest. A local comic book creator, Marvin will be sharing a table with HEROINEBURGH, a comic book and live-action video series also based in Pittsburgh. Wynn’s comic book — published by Short Fuse Media Group —  is a continuing series following genetically enhanced characters that debuted in 2012. Marvin’s co-creator is Phillipines-based artist Mark VuycanKiat. THE EDGE reached its ninth issue earlier this year and has gained a solid social media following.

At the same time, we regret to inform you that CHRISTOPHER RYAN — the author of the supernaturally tinged crime thrillers that feature NYPD detectives Mallory and Gunner and the prose adventures of ALEX SIMMONS’ award-winning character Blackjack — will not be able to attend our convention. He had a pressing deadline that forced him to cancel his appearance at this year’s PulpFest. We look forward to having Chris back in 2020 at your summertime PulpFest.

(THE EDGE #9, written by Marvin Wynn with art by Mark VuycanKiat, was released by Short Fuse Media Group in May 2019. You can pick up all the books in the series via the Short Fuse webpage or by attending PulpFest 2019.)

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