Thanks to Everyone Who Helped with PulpFest 2019

Sep 9, 2019 by

Year after year, there are countless individuals and organizations that help to make PulpFest such a great show. The PulpFest organizing committee would like them for their invaluable assistance in helping to make PulpFest 2019 a success. We could not have done it without you:

Our front desk staff – Maura Childers, Marge Coiner, Jack Cullers, and Sally Cullers.

Our panelists and presenters – Jason Aiken, Roger Alford, Jennifer Barnes and the writers from Raw Dog Screaming Press — Mike Arnzen, Carrie Gessner, John Edward Lawson, Jason Jack Miller, and Stephanie Wytovich — John Bruening, Christopher Paul Carey, Wayne Carey, Mike Chomko, Gene Christie, Jeremiah Dylan Cook, Bob Deis, Wyatt Doyle, Win Scott Eckert, John Gunnison, Rich Harvey, Morgan Holmes, Ed Hulse,  John Edward Lawson and the writers from Dog Star Books — Matt Betts, J. L. Gribble, Heidi Ruby Miller, K. W. Taylor, Albert Wendland, and K. Ceres Wright — Sara Light-Waller,  John Locke, William Patrick Maynard, Craig McDonald, Will Murray, Nicholas Parisi, Garyn Roberts, David Saunders, E. C. Skowronski, Paul Spiteri, Joab Stieglitz, Sara Tantlinger, George Vanderburgh, Chet Williamson, and John Wooley.

Thanks to Henry G. Franke, III and the Burroughs Bibliophiles for putting together our 2019 art show. We’d also like to thank Jason and Sunni Brock for authorizing our showing of their film, CHARLES BEAUMONT: THE SHORT LIFE OF TWILIGHT ZONE’S MAGIC MAN.

Many thanks to Mike Chomko and Barry Traylor for the time they devoted to assembling this year’s auction. Thanks also to our auctioneers John Gunnison and Joseph Saine and our auction staff, Maura Childers, Marge Coiner, and Sally Cullers.

We want to thank our technical staff – Bill Lampkin and William Patrick Maynard – and our behind-the-scenes help – Peter Chomko, Dan Zimmer, and Kate Knecht, Kirsty McCray, and Kyle Thompson and the terrific staff of the DoubleTree by Hilton Pittsburgh — Cranberry, including Austin and Stephanie, who helped a great deal with set-up.

The organizing committee would also like to thank the people who helped to create THE PULPSTER #28 – editor Bill Lampkin, assistant editor Peter Chomko, publisher Mike Chomko, Schuerholz Printing, plus contributors Richard Bleiler, Tony Davis, Doug Ellis, Scott Tracy Griffin, D. Kepler, Sara Light-Waller, Will Murray, Aaron H. Oliver, and Jess Terrell. We also want to thank James T. Roberts, Esq., for allowing us to reprint his father’s article about Sherlock Holmes. Many thanks are also offered to the magazine’s advertisers – Bear Manor Media, Black Hood Press, CONvergence, Heartwood Auctions, Meteor House Press, Mike Chomko Books, Murania Press, New Texture, the Pulp Factory Awards, Readercon, Recoverings, Stark House Press, ThePulp.Net, and the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention.

Many thanks to the nominators and Lamont AwardMunsey Award, and Rusty Hevelin Service Award winners who helped to select the winner of this year’s Munsey, George Vanderburgh. Congratulations to George and to all of the nominees for our 2019 award. Thank you to 2018 Munsey winner Bill Lampkin for presenting this year’s award.

We’d like to thank the following organizations for the books and similar items that were donated to PulpFest for distribution to our members: Chaosium, Inc., Gordon Van Gelder and THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION,  and Mike Chomko, Books. We would also like to the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention for loaning the convention their sound system. Thanks to Meteor House Press for sponsoring this year’s PulpFest banner and to our website sponsors, and

Thanks must also be extended to John and Maureen Gunnison of Adventure House, David and Daniel Ritter of First Fandom Experience, Richard Meli of Heartwood Books and Art, Mike Croteau, Paul Spiteri and Win Scott Eckert of Meteor House Press, Mike Chomko, Books, Mark Redfield and Jennifer Rouse of Redfield Arts Audio, author Christopher Ryan, Steven Spilger of Mr. Polyester Books and Comics, Christopher Maffei of Well-Stacked Books, and Doug Ellis and John Gunnison of the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention for sponsoring this year’s hospitality suite at the DoubleTree.

Finally, thanks to Ron Adams and Monster Bash, Jim Beard, Doug Ellis, Steve Ericson, Martin Grams, Steve Hager, Jeff Harper, Sara Light-Waller, Todd McDevitt and New Dimension Comics, Heidi Ruby Miller, Curt Phillips, Rick Thomas, Ray Walsh and the Curious Book Shop, Publicity Chair Karen Yun-Lutz and Confluence, and the many conventions, book and paper fairs, bookstores, comic and collectible shops, web sites, magazines, newspapers, and other media outlets that helped to promote our show by distributing and displaying our advertising materials. We should also mention Christopher Bowser of Geek’s Guide to Pittsburgh, Hanna Lynn and PITTSBURGH CITY PAPER, and Mike Robertson of VisitPittsburgh, who helped in various ways.

Thank you as well to the dealers, attending members and supporting members of PulpFest 2019. It was due to your encouragement and support that our convention was successful. We hope to see all of you in the coming year — along with a good many newcomers — for PulpFest 2020.

If we’ve neglected anyone, please accept our apology and our gratitude. Write to and we will correct the oversight.

Your PulpFest organizing committee — Mike Chomko, Jack Cullers, Sally Cullers, Bill Lampkin, William Patrick Maynard, and Barry Traylor

(Designed by PulpFest’s artistic director, William Lampkin, our PulpFest 2019 welcome banner —  sponsored by Meteor House Press — features the work of artist Walter Baumhofer. His painting was originally used as the cover to the March 1933 issue of Street & Smith’s DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE.)