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The PulpsterEven though the next issue of THE PULPSTER won’t be released until PulpFest 2020, we’re already starting work on it.

Top on the to-do list is filling out the lineup for the issue, and that means turning to you for those for articles.

The theme of next year’s PulpFest is “Bradbury, BLACK MASK, and Brundage.” We’re always happy to have articles related to that theme, but we don’t limit contributions to the convention’s theme. We like to have a variety of articles in each issue, articles related to the men and women who wrote, illustrated, edited, and published the pulps, and to the pulp collecting hobby itself.

There are two routes you can take to help us out:

• Do you have an idea for an article that you would like to write for THE PULPSTER? Please let us know.

• Or, do you have an idea for an article that you would like to read in THE PULPSTER (but not necessarily write)? Let us know that, too, and we will see what we can do about finding someone to write it.

'The Pulpster' #28 (2019)You can drop editor Bill Lampkin an email at The sooner he hears from you, the better. He has to plan space for articles and start collecting artwork and illustrations.

If you’d like to advertise in THE PULPSTER, please write to PulpFest marketing and programming director (and THE PULPSTER‘s publisher) Mike Chomko at Mike can provide pricing and print specifications.

There are limited quantities of issues #27 (2018) and #28 (2019) remaining in stock at Mike Chomko, Books. Visit his website for details.

If you missed out getting your copy of THE PULPSTER this year, don’t delay. Register for PulpFest 2020 to ensure you get a copy of next year’s issue. (If you can’t attend PulpFest, consider registering as a supporting member, and your free copy of the issue will be mailed following the convention.)

(The cover art for THE PULPSTER #28 was painted by Rudolph Belarski  for the September 1939 BLACK BOOK DETECTIVE, published by Ned Pines’ Standard Magazines.)

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