THE PULPSTER Wants You in 2020!

Feb 17, 2020 by

THE PULPSTER #29One of the highlights of PulpFest for almost 30 years is the latest issue of THE PULPSTER. This pulp-packed publication is available annually to all PulpFest members.

THE PULPSTER reflects the themes of each year’s PulpFest. So this year, we’re considering articles on BLACK MASK magazine, artist Margaret Brundage, fictioneers Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett, and author L. Frank Baum. (Oh, and Ray Bradbury, but we’re already booked for articles on him.)

But in addition to the PulpFest themes, THE PULPSTER also celebrates all things pulp. So we’re open to proposed articles on other pulp topics, from the magazines, the authors and artists, and collecting.

THE PULPSTER reaches a serious core of pulp magazine and popular culture collectors attending PulpFest. So if you’re interested in marketing to these collectors, we have a range of ad sizes, both black-and-white and color, available.

If you have a proposal for an article, please contact editor Bill Lampkin. Articles and artwork must be submitted by the end of April. Bill can be reached at

For advertising, please contact PulpFest marketing and programming director and THE PULPSTER publisher Mike Chomko at

Mike also has a very limited number of back issues of THE PULPSTER available. Drop him a line if interested.

(The cover art for this mock-up of THE PULPSTER #29 was originally painted by Margaret Brundage for the October 1933 WEIRD TALES.)

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