PulpFest 2020 Estate Auction Update

Mar 30, 2020 by

PulpFest is the summertime convention for fans of popular culture both old and new. It seeks to honor the pulps by drawing attention to the many ways these throwaway magazines have inspired writers, artists, film directors, game designers, and other creators over the years.

From August 6 – 9 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry in Mars, PA, PulpFest will focus on a pair of creators and a magazine.

PulpFest 2020 will salute the centennial of author Ray Bradbury’s birth; the 100th anniversary of BLACK MASK — the pulp where the hardboiled detective story took root; and the 120th anniversary of the birth of WEIRD TALES artist Margaret Brundage. “Bradbury, BLACK MASK, and Brundage” have inspired and continue to inspire creators the world over.

If three “B’s” aren’t enough, how about Burroughs, Brackett, Baum, a pair of “B” movies, and our special guest: the “B”eautiful Eva Lynd?

Eva was a top model for artists Norm Eastman and Al Rossi, and a frequent collaborator with Doc Savage model Steve Holland.

PulpFest 2020 will have panels and presentations on all of these topics, but will be paying particular attention to the centennial of Ray Bradbury’s birth.

Professor Garyn G. Roberts — Bradbury’s pal for more than thirty years — will talk about the Science Fiction Grand Master and “Poet of the Pulps.” Our 2013 Munsey Award winner promises to share many unique items that he collected during his long friendship with Bradbury.

We’ll also have presentations on Bradbury in comic books, television, and film. Filling out our Bradbury salute will be several presentations concerning Mars in fiction, plus a look at early science fiction fandom.

However, we’re not stopping there. PulpFest will also be holding an auction during which you’ll actually be able to purchase vintage books and magazines where the celebrated author’s work first appeared . . .

You’ll find a copy of the first paperback printing of Ray Bradbury’s THE ILLUSTRATED MAN — Bantam Books #991 from April 1952, with cover art by Charles Binger — in auction lot #15, a selection of early hardcover and paperback books by the author.

The April 1943 number of ASTONISHING STORIES — featuring cover art by Milton Luros — can be found in auction lot #17. The issue features the original appearance of Ray Bradbury’s rarely reprinted short story, “Subterfuge.” It’s part of a lot containing nine issues of the Popular Publications science fiction pulp.

Auction lot #22 — eleven issues of Standard Magazines’ STARTLING STORIES — features Bradbury’s celebrated tale, “Marionettes, Inc.” This classic short story concerning humanity’s sometimes excessive dependence on technology was originally published in the March 1949 STARTLING STORIES, behind a cover by Earle K. Bergey. It has often been reprinted, most importantly in the author’s third published collection, THE ILLUSTRATED MAN.

Ray Bradbury’s short story, “A Blade of Grass,” can be found in auction lot #29 — ten issues of Standard Magazines’ THRILLING WONDER STORIES. Reprinted in BRADBURY STORIES: 100 OF HIS MOST CELEBRATED TALES, the story originally ran in the December 1949 THRILLING WONDER, behind an apocalyptic cover painting by Earle Bergey.

These fours lots and many others will be part of our auction on Saturday night, August 8. PulpFest 2020 will be offering 185 lots of pulps, digests, vintage paperbacks, men’s adventure magazines, and more from the collection of the late Carl Joecks.

A retired television cameraman, electronic equipment repairman, and carpenter from Vermont, Carl Joecks became enamored with science fiction, comic books, radio, and astronomy during his youth. He was soon collecting the things that he loved.

Acquired over many years, Carl stored his collection in a darkened room. Most of the magazines were bagged with backing boards and stored flat for additional protection.

Given the size of the Joecks Collection, it will take several years to disperse everything. In 2020, PulpFest will be selling Carl’s pulps, digest magazines, men’s adventure and true crime magazines, plus a selection of joke and gag books and other material. The convention will also be selling a small selection of comic books and assorted collectibles.

For photographs of selected items from all 185 auction lots, together with brief descriptions of the items included in each of the individual lots, please click the 2020 Auction button below our homepage banner.

Please note that most of the items found in each lot have not been graded, although an attempt has been made to note exceptional items as well as substantial defects.

For a catalog in PDF format featuring the Joecks auction lots that will be offered during the PulpFest 2020 auction please click here.

Time will be set aside during the afternoons of August 7 and 8 so that PulpFest attendees can examine our auction lots. Please click our Programming button for the scheduled times. The PulpFest 2020 auction will begin at 9 PM on Saturday, August 8.

All attendees of the convention will be able to bid on the available material. Members of the general public will also be allowed to attend the auction. However, they will be asked to register as bidders if they plan to place bids. Please visit our 2020 Auction Page for more details.

For those who are not able to attend PulpFest 2020, the convention will accept bids placed through our silent bidding page. For additional details on silent bidding, please visit our 2020 Auction Page.

(The displayed images are not photographs of the actual copies found in the Joecks collection. You will find the actual photographs of selected items from each auction lot by clicking the 2020 Auction button below our homepage banner.)