PulpFest and Ray Bradbury on Instagram

Aug 24, 2020 by

As part of our celebration of the centennial of Ray Bradbury’s birth, PulpFest will explore some of the author’s magazine fiction on our Instagram page. For the next few weeks, PulpFest will post magazine cover images and remarks concerning Bradbury and his development as a writing professional on Instagram.

As we recently mentioned in our post, “PulpFest Historical — Bradbury’s Centennial,” Ray Bradbury sold his first story in 1941. A collaboration with Henry Hasse, “Pendulum” was based on a work originally published in Bradbury’s own FUTURE FANTASIA. The two authors would sell two more collaborations before the younger Bradbury set off on his own.

Beginning tonight, we’ll discuss the first regular market for Bradbury’s solo work: WEIRD TALES. Between 1942 and 1948, editor Dorothy McIlwraith published 25 Ray Bradbury short stories and a poem in “The Unique Magazine.” The content of Bradbury’s first book — DARK CARNIVAL, published by Arkham House in 1947 — was largely drawn from his WEIRD TALES fiction.

Later this week, we’ll turn our attention to the science fiction pulps. There, Bradbury established himself as one of the leading lights of the genre’s “Golden Age” as World War II drew to a close. PulpFest will also explore his work for the crime and detective pulps, as well as his fiction in the digest and “slick” magazines.

Every Monday through Friday — between 7:30 and 8 PM, eastern time — we’ll post selected images related to Bradbury appearances, plus commentary, to the PulpFest Instagram page. Why not become one of the 1100+ followers we have on Instagram? You’ll find us at https://www.instagram.com/pulpfest/.

(Ray Bradbury’s novella, “The Fireman,” originally appeared in the February 1951 issue of H. L. Gold’s GALAXY SCIENCE FICTION. Bradbury’s story would serve as the basis for his classic dystopian novel, FAHRENHEIT 451.

Chesley Bonestell painted the cover art for the February 1951 issue of GALAXY SCIENCE FICTION. The artist was much admired for his contributions to the science fiction digest magazines, including ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION, GALAXY SCIENCE FICTION, and THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION. He later collaborated with several authors on such books as THE CONQUEST OF SPACE, THE EXPLORATION OF MARS, and BEYOND THE SOLAR SYSTEM. The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists’ Chesley Award for achievement in science fiction and fantasy art is named for him, and a crater on Mars and asteroid 3129 Bonestell are also named in his honor.)