Aug. 6-9, 2020, in Pittsburgh, PA!

100 Years of “The Curse of Capistrano”...

Aug 9, 2019 by

In the early 1800s, California was still under Spanish rule. The peaceful indigenous people were victimized by the corrupt military commanders. One...

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One Week to Go!

Aug 8, 2019 by

PulpFest 2019 will begin on Thursday, August 15. The dealers’ room will be open to registered sellers to set up their displays from 3 to 10 PM....

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Highlights from THE PULPSTER

Aug 7, 2019 by

The 28th edition of THE PULPSTER will be in your hands at PulpFest 2019 in just a week, and, once again, it lands with a Pow! Smash! Echoing the...

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Debuting at PulpFest 2019

Aug 6, 2019 by

PulpFest has become a top venue for writers and publishers to roll out their newest titles. Following are some of the books that will be premiering...

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Our PulpFest 2019 Sponsors

Aug 5, 2019 by

As PulpFest prepares for this summer’s annual pulp con — running from August 15 – 18 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh...

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Saturday Night Auction

Aug 2, 2019 by

PulpFest is known for its enjoyable auctions. Over the last few years, PulpFest has sold three major collections of pulps, books, fanzines, and...

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Saturday Night Dinner

Aug 1, 2019 by

Dining together on Saturday has been a long-standing tradition at summer pulp cons. It gives everyone the chance to break bread together, while...

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Look for the PulpFest Banners!

Jul 31, 2019 by

                      From August 15 – August 18, you’ll be able to find your way...

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