PulpFest 2021 Carl Joecks Estate Auction

In August 2021, PulpFest will be offering more than 200 lots of pulps, digests, vintage paperbacks, men’s adventure magazines, and more from the collection of the late Carl Joecks. A retired television cameraman, electronic equipment repairman, and carpenter from Vermont; Carl became enamored of science fiction, comic books, radio, and astronomy during his youth. He was soon collecting the things he loved.

Acquired over many years, Mr. Joecks stored his collection in a darkened room. Most of his magazines were bagged with backing boards and stored flat for additional protection.

PulpFest 2021 will be auctioning Carl Joecks’s pulps, digest magazines, men’s adventure and true crime magazines, plus a selection of joke and gag books and other material. The convention will also be selling a small selection of comic books and assorted collectibles, including a number of “Ace Doubles,” one of them being the very first double paperback issued by the company. We’ll also have a variety of vintage paperbacks and, possibly, some collectible hardcover books.

Below, you will find photographs of select items from the first 185 auction lots, together with brief descriptions of the items included in each lot. There are reserves on approximately two dozen lots. Please note that most of the items found in each lot have not been graded, although we have attempted to note both exceptional pieces as well as substantial defects.

Click on the image for an enlarged view of a particular photograph. You can scroll up or down over the enlarged image to examine it in further detail. Click the right-hand side of the image to proceed to the next image. Click the left-hand side of the image to return to a previous image. If you desire, you can also play a slideshow by scrolling to the bottom of an enlarged image and clicking, “play slideshow.” To return to the auction page, click the escape key on your keyboard or the refresh button on your screen.

For a PDF catalog featuring the first 185 auction lots from the Joecks estate, please click here.

All attendees of PulpFest 2021 will be able to bid on the available material. There will be auction preview sessions offered at the convention. During these sessions, the Joecks Estate Auction Lots will be available for examination.

People who desire to attend the PulpFest auction — but not the convention itself — are also welcome to the Joecks Estate Auction. If non-PulpFest attendees want to place bids during the auction, they will have to register as bidders. There will be a $5 non-refundable fee to bid during the auction. However, the $5 fee can be applied toward a single winning bid.

Non-PulpFest attendees will be able to register to bid in the Joecks Estate Auction at the convention’s front desk in August 2021. We’ll be posting the times at a later date.

For those who are not able to attend PulpFest 2021, the convention will accept bids placed through the PulpFest Silent Auction Bid Page. The highest of these “silent” bids will establish the opening bid for each auction lot. If no bid made during the live auction is higher than the opening silent bid, the lot will be won by the silent bidder. PulpFest 2021 attendees will also be able to place silent bids if they so desire. Forms will be available at the convention.

Silent bids by those unable to attend PulpFest 2021 will have to be placed by late July in 2021. A more specific time will be posted at a later date. When placing your bid, you will need to provide your name, email address, mailing address and billing address (if different), your method of payment, the lot you are bidding on, and your bid amount. A separate form must be filled out for each bid.

To place your silent bid if you are not able to attend the Carl Joecks Estate Auction scheduled for August 2021, click the link immediately above the auction lot photographs. Our silent bidding form will open in a new tab.

Silent bids on all of the Joecks Estate Auction lots that are less than $10 will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns about placing silent bids, please contact PulpFest auction coordinator Mike Chomko at mike@pulpfest.com.

PulpFest will accept checks or money orders (in U.S. dollars), PayPal, or credit card payments for items won through silent bidding. A 5% fee will be charged for all credit card or PayPal transactions. There will be additional shipping charges for those who are not able to pick up the lots they have won.

PulpFest reserves the right to withdraw any auction lot from sale at any time prior to its being auctioned. All bidders are encouraged to review the lots prior to placing bids. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

(Our Auction Page lead image has been adapted from the November 1951 MARVEL SCIENCE FICTION, featuring cover art by Hannes Bok. You’ll find a copy of the issue in Lot #136 of the PulpFest 2021 Carl Joecks Estate Auction.)

PulpFest 2021 Carl Joecks Estate Auction

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