PulpFest Organizing Committee

PulpFest is organized by a committee of seven: Jack and Sally Cullers, Barry Traylor Mike Chomko, Bill Lampkin, William Patrick Maynard, and Sara Light-Waller. Below is a little about these folks  . . .

Jack Cullers

CowboyChairman Jack Cullers was born on a ranch in Montana (or maybe it was a farm in Ohio) where he grew up wrestling pet dogs and garter snakes. It was there that a steady diet of Frank Gruber westerns turned him into the rough and tumble character we all know and love. Now a resident of Bellbrook, Ohio, Jack has turned in his six-guns for volunteer work with the Greene County Public Library System. He lives with his charming wife Sally and their rambunctious dogs. Jack is well known in convention circles for his organizing skills. He has also been known to ask people to “step outside” if they desire an exceptionally nice copy of WESTERN STORY MAGAZINE that he needs for his collection. Generally, these miscreants are taken away in a cardboard box. “While parts of my bio may be a bit of an exaggeration, there is something about this committee that is not. I really enjoy working with the other members. While we sometimes disagree, we are able to discuss problems and move on. There is no ‘I am the Boss’ feeling here. We are all looking forward to an exciting and well-attended PulpFest this year.” In 2012, Jack and Sally Cullers were recognized for their outstanding service to the pulp community by being named the recipients of the first Rusty Hevelin Service AwardIn addition to his chairmanship, Jack also serves as the convention’s business manager and membership director. To reach Jack by email, write to jack@pulpfest.com.

Barry Traylor

BatgirlAlthough he spends every October preparing his yard for his “Halloween Haunt,” J. Barry Traylor’s enjoyment of pulps matches his love for that holiday. Barry has been breathing pulp flakes for longer than most people spend in the workaday world. He has been organizing book and pulp auctions for just about the same amount of time, almost single-handedly putting together a couple hundred items for sale in a single night’s auction. In 2008, Barry quickly mastered the art of digital photography and stunned the convention crowd with his wonderful images of pulps ranging from rarities like FAR EAST ADVENTURE STORIES to more common titles such as AMAZING STORIES. Retired from the printing industry, Barry makes his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in a relatively uncluttered home with his lovely and understanding wife Lynn. His biggest delights are his two granddaughters, Ajilon and Zoe — who also likes Edgar Allan Poe as they share the same birthday.   During their visits, Barry usually removes his high-grade copies of TERROR TALES from display. His favorite pulp is WEIRD TALES, something he began to enjoy while learning at the feet of his pulp mentor, the late Richard Minter. In 2014, Barry’s outstanding service to the pulp community was recognized by his peers when he was named the winner of the Rusty Hevelin Service AwardBarry currently serves as the PulpFest goodwill ambassador. To reach Barry by email, write to barry@pulpfest.com.

Mike Chomko

PirateMike Chomko, the winner of the 2010 Munsey Award,  has been a regular at pulp cons since the early nineties. Somewhere along the way, he started helping his friends, Jack Cullers and Barry Traylor, with the auctions held at Pulpcon. In September of 2008, Jack, Barry, and Mike joined with Ed Hulse to launch PulpFest, the convention that has become the summer show to attend in the pulp community. A former member of the Pulp Era Amateur Press Society, Mike was the publisher of PURPLE PROSE, a highly respected pulp fanzine that ran for seventeen issues in the late nineties and early 21st century. Mike’s former PulpFest partner, Ed Hulse, once told him that PURPLE PROSE helped to inspire the launching of BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER. In real life, Mike is a registered nurse, working in the operating room of one of Allentown, Pennsylvania’s several hospitals. He is also a well-known bookseller of pulp reprints and related reference materials. He has been married to Dianne for forty years and is the father of two adult children. Mike’s pulp-related book catalog is posted every other month at his  Mike Chomko Books website. You can also receive Mike’s catalog via email by writing to him at mike@pulpfest.com. Mike serves as the marketing and programming director for PulpFest. He is also the publisher of THE PULPSTER. To reach Mike by email, write to mike@pulpfest.com.

Sally Williams Cullers

Sally attended her first pulp convention in 1983, soon after she started hanging out with Jack Cullers. She and Jack’s son, Aaron, would spend convention weekends helping out wherever they could. Although she never fell in love with the hobby of collecting pulps, she did fall for Mr. Cullers (and Aaron). Pulp conventions became an annual thing. Soon Sally was helping Mary Ramlow run the registration desk at Pulpcon. Then  came a daughter, Samantha, and somewhere along the way, Sam and her mom started selling baked goods to help occupy the time during the convention. Sally and Samantha continue to run the registration table at PulpFest.

PulpFest has become a Cullers family tradition. Aaron still comes to PulpFest from Austin, Texas from time to time. Samantha and her husband, Sam Childers, also attend. Sam’s mom, Maura Childers, has also helped at the convention’s registration desk. “The pulp community is a tight group of wonderful people,” Sally comments. “We look forward to connecting and catching up with our pulp friends every year at PulpFest.”

Sally serves as PulpFest‘s registration desk coordinator. In 2012, Sally and her husband received the Rusty Hevelin Service Award for outstanding service to the pulp community. To reach Sally by email, write to sally@pulpfest.com.

William Lampkin

A freelance writer/editor and publication designer, Bill Lampkin has spent much of his work life in the newspaper field, much like Rambler Murphy (but without the cool nickname and crime-solving). Like many from his generation, Bill discovered the pulps through paperback reprints of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, The Shadow, Doc Savage, and The Spider. He bought his first actual pulp in the seventies. Bill runs ThePulp.Net, which he created in 1996, and also writes the Yellowed Perils blog. A resident of Florida, he has designed THE PULPSTER, the PulpFest program book, since 2008 and served as its designer/editor since 2013. In late 2013, Bill began to design PulpFest‘s print advertisements. In 2018, he was the winner of the Munsey Award. Bill currently serves as the convention’s director of advertising and manages our website. To reach Bill by email, write to bill@pulpfest.com.

William Patrick Maynard

William Patrick Maynard was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. An avid reader of vintage thriller fiction and a keen student of film and comic art, he has been writing fiction since childhood. Since 2009, he has been authorized by the Sax Rohmer literary estate to continue the Fu Manchu series. Apart from his novels, he also writes mystery and sci-fi short fiction and screenplays. He has authored nearly 300 pop culture articles and has contributed DVD commentaries to classic films of the last century. In late 2018, Bill joined the PulpFest marketing department as a writer. Since then, he has contributed significantly to our website. Bill is the convention’s assistant director of marketing and director of afternoon programming. To reach him by email, write to wpm@pulpfest.com.

Sara Light-Waller

Prior to joining the PulpFest organizing committee, Sara Light-Waller spent a few years as a guest writer for our homepage. A professional journalist and illustrator with over thirty years of experience, Sara is an accomplished new-pulp fiction author/illustrator with two books out and more on the way. She is also the winner of the 2020 Cosmos Prize for her illustrated short story, “Battle at Neptune.” A huge pulp fan, Sara is especially fond of science fiction pulps. The extent of her pulp fandom can best be measured by the oversized rendition of Frank R. Paul’s AMAZING STORIES cover that she painted on her garage. Sara is a member of the PulpFest marketing department, a regular contributor to THE PULPSTER, and often reads for PulpFest‘s “New Fictioneers.”

We’d also like to recognize Laurie Powers and Christopher Ryan for their writing for the PulpFest website and PulpFest committee members emeritus — Ed Hulse, Chris Kalb, and Chuck Welch. Thank you for your service to the pulp community.