The Psychos of Philip José Farmer — The Nine

May 15, 2017 by

Since 2011, PulpFest has hosted FarmerCon, a convention that began in Peoria, Illinois, the hometown of Philip José Farmer. Originally a gathering of Farmer fans figuratively, and literally, in Farmer’s back yard, FarmerCon offered presentations, dinners, and even picnics at the author’s house.  After the passing of Phil and Bette Farmer in 2009, it was decided to take FarmerCon on the road to broaden its horizons. By holding the convention alongside events such as PulpFest, Farmer fans get a variety of programming and a room full of pulp and book dealers to enjoy. As always, PulpFest is very pleased to welcome its FarmerCon members to our joint conference.

We’re equally pleased that year after year, FarmerCon has asked to help with our programming. On Friday, July 28 at 7 PM, please join PulpFest as we turn our programming stage over to our FarmerCon XII members and “The Psychos of Philip José Farmer — The Nine.” Win Scott Eckert, who edited the anthology MYTHS FOR THE MODERN AGE: PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER’S WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE and collaborated with Phil on THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE, the novel that introduced adventuress Patricia Wildman, will moderate the panel. Joining him will be Frank Schildiner — author of THE QUEST OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE TRIUMPH OF FRANKENSTEIN, and other works — and Dr. Art Sippo, author of SUN KOH: HEIR OF ATLANTIS and host of the ArtsReviews podcast.

As this year’s PulpFest will be focusing on the “hardboiled dicks, dangerous dames, and a few psychos” of the pulps, our FarmerCon friends have decided to turn their attention toward Philip José Farmer’s novels of the Nine: A FEAST UNKNOWN, LORD OF THE TREES, and THE MAD GOBLIN. Win Scott Eckert is currently working on the fourth book in the series — a Doc Caliban novel entitled THE MONSTER ON HOLD — which is based on a chapter and high-level outline written by Farmer and published in the program book of the 1983 World Fantasy Convention. The series recounts the ongoing battle of the ape-man, Lord Grandrith, and the man of bronze, Doc Caliban, against the Nine, a secret cabal of immortals bent on amassing power and manipulating the course of world events.

With both Art Sippo and Win Scott Eckert having contributed introductions or afterwords to the Titan Books editions of Philip José Farmer’s books, expect a thought provoking and in-depth look at the Nine and the two men who seek to defeat them. It’s all part of PulpFest 2017 and FarmerCon XII at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh – Cranberry, just north of Pennsylvania’s “Steel City” of Pittsburgh. To register for both conventions, please click the Register for 2017 button just below the PulpFest home page banner. To book a room at the DoubleTree by Hilton — our host hotel — click one of the Book a Room buttons likewise located on the PulpFest home page.

Start planning now to attend PulpFest 2017 and FarmerCon XII and join hundreds of pulp fiction and Philip José Farmer fans at the pop-culture center of the universe. You’ll have a maddening time, especially if you’re planning to stay at the DoubleTree! We look forward to seeing you from July 27 – 30.

(Philip José Farmer’s LORD OF THE TREES was originally released in 1970 by Ace Books as part of their double line of paperbacks. The other half the book featured THE MAD GOBLIN. Both sides of the book featured covers created by Gray Morrow, a comic book and paperback artist who also illustrated many science-fiction magazines. He was nominated for the Hugo Award for best professional artist in 1966, 1967, and 1968.)

Recordings from PulpFest 2016

Aug 29, 2016 by

We would much rather you get the full experience of PulpFest by attending each year. But if you can’t attend, you can virtually sample some of PulpFest 2016‘s highlights.

Audio recordings from much of the programming at “Summer’s AMAZING Pulp Con” are now available online.

The dealers' room at PulpFest 2016

The dealers’ room at PulpFest 2016

For the past few years, I have posted at ThePulp.Net audio recordings from many of the panels and presentations from PulpFest. This year’s recordings total around seven-and-a-half hours of pulp discussions. There is a special coverage page for PulpFest 2016 with links to individual pages with photographs and embedded audio recordings from nine events.

PulpFest 2016 Guest of Honor Ted White discusses AMAZING STORIES and his life in science fiction.

PulpFest 2016 Guest of Honor Ted White discusses AMAZING STORIES and his life in science fiction.

The recordings include presentations on AMAZING STORIES, THE ARGOSY and the magazine’s artists, H. G. Wells, Street & Smith’s second-string heroes, LOVE STORY MAGAZINE and the romance pulps, and WESTERN STORY MAGAZINE and the pulp western, a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Sanctum Books, and PulpFest Guest of Honor Ted White’s talk.

In addition to listening to ThePulp.Net’s recordings on the web, pulp fans can also download them as part of the Pulp Event Podcast free from either iTunes or Google Play Music.

I also have several reports from PulpFest 2016 that I published on my Yellowed Perils blog during and after the convention.

Over at Pulp Crazy, Jason Aiken has posted recordings of Ted White, FarmerCon XI author readings, a panel discussion including Paul Spiteri, Christopher Paul Carey, Win Scott Eckert, and Danny Adams on collaborating with Philip José Farmer, and a New Pulp panel featuring Ron Fortier of Airship 27, and writers Eckert, Jeff Fournier, Barbara Dorran, and Andy Fix.

Dealer Gene Carpenter talks with Will Emmons at PulpFest 2016.

Dealer Gene Carpenter talks with Will Emmons at PulpFest 2016.

While his other PulpFest posts at Pulp Crazy are recordings, Jason also has a written report on the convention, with photos.

As part of the Art’s Reviews podcast, Art Sippo is also posting recordings from PulpFest 2016. So far Art has already posted a presentation by New Pulp author John Hegensberger, FarmerCon XI author readings, and an interview with New Pulp author Dick Enos. Art says he will be posting 11 recordings in total, so keep an eye on his Art’s Reviews podcast for updates in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for more reports from PulpFest, head over to my PulpFest 2016 Reports entry at Yellowed Perils for a complete and up-to-date listing.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It’s PulpFest and FarmerCon!

Aug 11, 2015 by

2015 Postcard FrontWant to hear what PulpFest is all about? Then pay a visit to ArtsReviews’s podcast to hear the convention’s marketing and programming director, Mike Chomko, talk with Art Sippo about “Summer’s Great Pulp Con” and this year’s PulpFest in particular.

While you’re there, give a listen to Mike Croteau and Win Scott Eckert, two of the “four horsemen of Farmerdon,” as they talk about FarmerCon X. It will be held in conjunction with Pulpfest 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in beautiful downtown Columbus from August 13th to 16th. Mike, Win, and Art will also discuss the four major publishing events from Meteor House that will be debuting at PulpFest 2015, along with their future publishing plans.

Many thanks to Art Sippo of ArtsReviews’s podcast for the chance to talk about these great conventions. Happy listening.

A direct download of the PulpFest talk:

A direct download of the FarmerCon talk:

(The flyer for this year’s PulpFest features Matt Fox’s cover art for the November 1944 issue of WEIRD TALES. The cover story for the issue is August Derleth’s “The Dweller in Darkness.”)


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A Feast of Farmer

Jul 26, 2014 by

Startling1952-08Although noted for his “pioneering use of sexual and religious themes,” Philip José Farmer was, in short, a pulp writer. While most people don’t think of the pulps when they hear Farmer’s name, he began his career selling stories to pulps such as Adventure, Startling Stories, and Thrilling Wonder Stories. In fact he sold over fifteen stories to pulp magazines and digests before his first novel was published in 1957. In all, Farmer had nearly forty stories published in a wide variety of magazines in the 1950s and 60s.

“A prolific and popular science fiction writer who shocked readers in the 1950s by depicting sex with aliens and challenged conventional pieties of the genre with caustic fables set on bizarre worlds of his own devising,” Farmer was best known for his novels. Called “sprawling, episodic works that gave him room to explore the nuances of a provocative premise while indulging his taste for lurid, violent action,” his best were set in the Riverworld and World of the Tiers series. Named a Grand Master of Science Fiction in 2001, Farmer is also remembered for his work concerning the Wold Newton Family.

Beginning at 8:30 PM on Friday, August 8th, Farmerphiles Michael Croteau and Art Sippo will explore Philip José Farmer’s work  as a magazine writer in the waning years of the pulps. Like many of his contemporaries, Farmer sold stories to over a dozen magazines—five different magazines in 1954 alone—constantly looking for new markets for his work. Accompanying the presentation will be a slide show of magazine covers in which Farmer’s early work appeared.

Michael Croteau, one of the founders of FarmerCon, is the publisher of Meteor House books and editor of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer and Farmerphile. Art Sippo  is a physician board certified in Aerospace medicine and Occupational medicine who is currently working in various emergency rooms in southwestern Illinois. He is the co-host of The Book Cave, a podcast that reviews adventure fiction, comics, movies and all thinks pulp-related.  He has also written the book, Sun Koh: Heir of Atlantis, a re-imagining of a German pulp hero of the 1930s, as well as numerous essays and short stories for magazines and anthologies.

Click on the illustration to learn more about the image.

The Fun of Writing Pulp Fiction

Jul 16, 2014 by

Captain HazzardWriting can be a lonely business, but it can also be fun. On Saturday, August 9th, at 1 PM, writer, editor-in-chief of Airship 27, and two-time Pulp Factory Award winner Ron Fortier and five contemporary authors will chat about the pleasure and enjoyment they’ve experienced as writers of the new and exciting genre known as “New Pulp.”

Winner of the 2014 New Pulp Award for Best New AuthorRalph L. Angelo, Jr. has written in the epic-fantasy, sword-and-sorcery, science-fiction and new-pulp genres as well as numerous non-fiction works about motorcycling. Creator of The Cagliostro ChroniclesThe Crystalon Saga, and the Torahg the Warrior series, Ralph has also written for Airship 27, Pro Se Press, and other publishers.

A native of Toledo, Jim Beard is the creator Sgt. Janus, Spirit-Breaker, co-creator of the Monster Earth anthology series, and author of the Captain Action novels for Airship 27. His recent work includes stories for White Rocket’s Pride of the Mohicans, The New Adventures of Major Lacy & Amusement, Inc. for Pro Se Press, and an upcoming project from Meteor House.

A veteran comic writer best known for his work on The Green Hornet and Terminator, Ron Fortier is a pioneer of the New Pulp movement. The managing editor of Airship 27 Productions, Ron writes the adventures of Captain Hazzard and Brother Bones, the Undead Avenger.

Nobody writes non-stop adventure books like Wayne Reinagel. Author, illustrator, and publisher of the epic Pulp Heroes and Modern Marvels series of pulp adventure novels and short stories for Knightraven Studios, Wayne’s stories are packed with incredible action and breath-taking adventure. Coming soon are Sanctuary Falls, the concluding segment of the Pulp Heroes trilogy and two more novels in the Gothic horror Modern Marvels trilogy.

A pulp fan since reading Philip José Farmer’s Tarzan Alive, Frank Schildiner is a martial arts instructor from New Jersey. He has written Black Bat, Ravenwood, and Secret Agent X stories for Airship 27; Avenger yarns for Moonstone Books; tales of Thunder Jim Wade and Richard Knight for Pro Se Productions; and contributed to Black Coat Press’s Tales of the Shadowmen series. Frank has also published several articles on horror in comic books, television, and film.

An emergency room physician in southwestern Illinois, Art Sippo is the co-host of The Book Cave, a podcast that reviews adventure fiction, novels, comic books, movies, and all things pulp. His first novel, Sun Koh: Heir of Atlantis, was a 2010 Pulp Factory Award nominee for Best Pulp Novel. Art has also written numerous essays and short stories for magazines and anthologies, and has served as a panelist and moderator at many recent FarmerCons.

For those attending our Saturday afternoon programming, we’ll be offering a chance to win a fabulous door prize donated to PulpFest by Radio Archives–an audio-book edition of Will Murray’s Doc Savage and King Kong adventure, Skull Island, read by Michael McConnohie.

Click on the illustration to learn more about the image.