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Throughout the year, PulpFest tries to maintain a presence on the worldwide web, offering posts about other conventions, honoring important pulp writers and artists on their birth anniversaries, and more. Our posts not only appear at pulpfest.com, but on our Facebook page and Twitter feed as well. You’ll also find us on event calendars like ANSIBLE‘s International EventsLocus Online‘s ConventionsPREVIEWSworld’s Convention Calendar, and Pittsburgh sites such as Popular Pittsburgh and the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE events calendar. This year, PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE has listed PulpFest 2018 in its “Top 10 Things to Do in Pittsburgh in July.”

We also try to get the word out about PulpFest in other ways as well. One is through print advertising. Our ads have appeared in periodicals such as Richard Krauss’ THE DIGEST ENTHUSIASTANTIQUES & AUCTION NEWS, and TwoMorrows Publishing’s ALTER EGO and RETROFAN. We advertise heavily with postcard giveaways at book and comic shops, antique paper shows, and comic book, science fiction, and collectible conventions. Over the last year, we’ve distributed about 16,000 of our PulpFest postcards. Our four-page newsletter also goes out to those who express interest in PulpFest and its partner convention, FarmerCon.

Then there’s our advertising via Facebook — we have one going on right now — and other venues, including THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE, a weekly podcast hosted by best-selling writer. Our advertisements were featured on episodes 166, 169, and 172. Click the link here or listen to Brian’s show via iTunesSpotifyProject EntertainmentiHeartRadio, or Stitcher.

You’ll find other references to PulpFest on gaming sites such as RPGGeek and BoardGameGeek (thanks to pulp and gaming fan, Rick Thomas) and even the trade show site 10times. Recently, the FanSided Network profiled PulpFest 2018 and its Guest of Honor, Joe Lansdale, on 1428 ELM, the network’s horror movies news and opinions site. And our 2018 New Fictioneers guest Sara Light-Waller talked about PulpFest during an interview with LewisTalk. Sara’s work has been compared to that of some of the great pulp writers.

If that’s not enough, you can listen to yours truly wax rhapsodic about pulps and PulpFest on BEHIND THE BOOKSHELVES. It’s an AbeBooks podcast, hosted by Richard Davies. The show is available via iTunesStitcherTunein, and Google Play. Or simply click on the picture at the bottom of this post and you’ll soon be listening to my musical voice. The PulpFest episode was released on June 30.

(Designed by PulpFest’s advertising director, William Lampkin, our PulpFest 2018 post card features the work of freelance artist Mel Hunter. His painting was originally used as the cover to the May 1960 number of THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION. Philip José Farmer’s “Open to Me, My Sister” was featured on the issue’s cover. PulpFest 2018 has used Hunter’s cover art to promote our convention at book stores, comic shops, and other conventions and fairs.)


Behind the Bookshelves


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Reviews and Recordings of PulpFest 2017

Sep 11, 2017 by

The dealers' room at PulpFest 2017

The dealers’ room at PulpFest 2017

PulpFest 2017 wrapped up six weeks ago. If you weren’t able to attend, that’s unfortunate. You missed over three days of pulp presentations, pulp deals, and plenty of pulp talk among true fans. But all is not lost.

You can catch a glimmer of what PulpFest is through the post-convention reports, the photos, and the podcasts that are available online.

PulpFest 2017 Guest of Honor Gloria Stoll Karn

PulpFest 2017 Guest of Honor Gloria Stoll Karn

Read all about it

Check out what these folks had to say about this year’s AMAZING summer pulp convention in their reports:

Tuning in

If you’re not in the dealers’ room during the day, you may be attending one of the New Pulp readings or FarmerCon panel discussions. In the evenings, you may be at one of the pulp panels.

Re-live — or listen to for the first time — a selection of the PulpFest 2017 programming:

After you’ve read the reports and listened to the recordings, go ahead and start planning to attend 2018’s PulpFest to experience it first-hand. It will take place over the last weekend in July, beginning on Thursday evening, July 26 and running through Sunday, July 29.


Recordings from PulpFest 2016

Aug 29, 2016 by

We would much rather you get the full experience of PulpFest by attending each year. But if you can’t attend, you can virtually sample some of PulpFest 2016‘s highlights.

Audio recordings from much of the programming at “Summer’s AMAZING Pulp Con” are now available online.

The dealers' room at PulpFest 2016

The dealers’ room at PulpFest 2016

For the past few years, I have posted at ThePulp.Net audio recordings from many of the panels and presentations from PulpFest. This year’s recordings total around seven-and-a-half hours of pulp discussions. There is a special coverage page for PulpFest 2016 with links to individual pages with photographs and embedded audio recordings from nine events.

PulpFest 2016 Guest of Honor Ted White discusses AMAZING STORIES and his life in science fiction.

PulpFest 2016 Guest of Honor Ted White discusses AMAZING STORIES and his life in science fiction.

The recordings include presentations on AMAZING STORIES, THE ARGOSY and the magazine’s artists, H. G. Wells, Street & Smith’s second-string heroes, LOVE STORY MAGAZINE and the romance pulps, and WESTERN STORY MAGAZINE and the pulp western, a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Sanctum Books, and PulpFest Guest of Honor Ted White’s talk.

In addition to listening to ThePulp.Net’s recordings on the web, pulp fans can also download them as part of the Pulp Event Podcast free from either iTunes or Google Play Music.

I also have several reports from PulpFest 2016 that I published on my Yellowed Perils blog during and after the convention.

Over at Pulp Crazy, Jason Aiken has posted recordings of Ted White, FarmerCon XI author readings, a panel discussion including Paul Spiteri, Christopher Paul Carey, Win Scott Eckert, and Danny Adams on collaborating with Philip José Farmer, and a New Pulp panel featuring Ron Fortier of Airship 27, and writers Eckert, Jeff Fournier, Barbara Dorran, and Andy Fix.

Dealer Gene Carpenter talks with Will Emmons at PulpFest 2016.

Dealer Gene Carpenter talks with Will Emmons at PulpFest 2016.

While his other PulpFest posts at Pulp Crazy are recordings, Jason also has a written report on the convention, with photos.

As part of the Art’s Reviews podcast, Art Sippo is also posting recordings from PulpFest 2016. So far Art has already posted a presentation by New Pulp author John Hegensberger, FarmerCon XI author readings, and an interview with New Pulp author Dick Enos. Art says he will be posting 11 recordings in total, so keep an eye on his Art’s Reviews podcast for updates in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for more reports from PulpFest, head over to my PulpFest 2016 Reports entry at Yellowed Perils for a complete and up-to-date listing.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It’s PulpFest and FarmerCon!

Aug 11, 2015 by

2015 Postcard FrontWant to hear what PulpFest is all about? Then pay a visit to ArtsReviews’s podcast to hear the convention’s marketing and programming director, Mike Chomko, talk with Art Sippo about “Summer’s Great Pulp Con” and this year’s PulpFest in particular.

While you’re there, give a listen to Mike Croteau and Win Scott Eckert, two of the “four horsemen of Farmerdon,” as they talk about FarmerCon X. It will be held in conjunction with Pulpfest 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in beautiful downtown Columbus from August 13th to 16th. Mike, Win, and Art will also discuss the four major publishing events from Meteor House that will be debuting at PulpFest 2015, along with their future publishing plans.

Many thanks to Art Sippo of ArtsReviews’s podcast for the chance to talk about these great conventions. Happy listening.

A direct download of the PulpFest talk:


A direct download of the FarmerCon talk:


(The flyer for this year’s PulpFest features Matt Fox’s cover art for the November 1944 issue of WEIRD TALES. The cover story for the issue is August Derleth’s “The Dweller in Darkness.”)


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