Head North Young Pulp Fan

Apr 11, 2016 by

2016 Fantastic Pulps Show & SaleThe Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale is celebrating its 20th year! The show is held annually in the lower level of the Lillian H. Smith Branch of the Toronto Public Library, 239 College Street in Toronto, Ontario.

A small but terrific show featuring a wide variety of pulp and pulp-related items, you’ll find over twenty-five dealers’ tables crammed with collectible pulp magazines, pulp reprints, vintage paperbacks, posters, and other ephemera. There’s also a half-hour pulp magazine cover slide show. It’s a great time for both serious pulp collectors as well as the casually interested, with lots of great stuff to see!

Admission is only $3, with tickets available at the door. Children under ten are admitted free when accompanied by an adult.

So if you reside in the states, grab your passport, and head north to Ontario for the Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale on Saturday, May 7th, beginning at 10 AM and running until 4 PM. For additional details, you can email Neil or Leigh Mechem at info@girasolcollectables.com or call 905-820-7572. Please tell ’em that PulpFest sent you.

(This year’s Fantastic Pulps poster — designed by Neil and Leigh Mechem — features the art of the great H. J. Ward, the leading artist for the spicys. It originally appeared on the cover to the November 1936 issue of SPICY-ADVENTURE STORIES, a pulp magazine published by Harry Donenfeld’s Trojan or Culture Publications. To learn more about the spicy pulps, please visit The Pulp Magazines Project.